Yes you can wear hats!

Only a few weeks ago I wrote about shopping for a new trilby hat, and I was a little surprised  that people felt they couldn’t wear hats.  You can!

There are so many styles, materials, colours to choose from, I firmly believe there is a hat for everyone! You just need to spend some time trying on hats to find one for you.

Not sure what will suit you? Check out celebrities you like for inspiration, especially their day to day look:

Drew Barrymore colourful look
Kate Moss always wearing hats!
SJP – street style

Here are a few of my top tips for finding a hat:

  • Every shop you go in that sells hats – try them on.
  • Take a look at yourself in a full length mirror not one of those small oval mirrors they tend to have by the display – even if that means walking around the shop or going to the changing room to try them on – you need to see yourself properly.
  • When you try hats on in a shop – you will attract attention, accept it, listen to the comments and move on from there.
  • What’s your initial reaction? – if you don’t like it, you never will – so don’t buy it.
  • I tend to avoid buying hats when shopping on my own, you need opinions.
  • When I wear hats, I tend to opt for contact lenses and not wear my glasses.
  • I do have hats for “bad hair days” they consist of baseball caps or my trilbies as I can put my hair up in a ponytail.  However, the best way to look good wearing a hat, is to take time on your hair, particularly for beanies – having silky smooth straight hair and wearing contact lenses, is a gorgeous feminine look.
  • And finally, I think hats are fun, so don’t take it seriously!

A couple of girlfriends who love wearing hats have agreed to share their pics with you – don’t they look fabulous!


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