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I’m Annette Gulliver and I am 45 years young! A Beauty Therapist living near Hertford, Herts, I’m married with no kids but have two gorgeous kitties!

How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up in Yorkshire, and left home at age 17 to train at Champney’s in Tring…and didn’t want to go back up north afterwards!!!!….I’ve loved doing my job for the past 27 years, meeting some wonderful people along the way (including you Lizzi!).   I have owned my own business for many years which was hard but always fulfilling and rewarding.  I’ve now scaled back to 2 days a week and I am loving spending more time pursuing other interests in life. 

What’s a typical working day/week for you?
Starts on Monday morning with a long drive from Hertford, then a full day of dealing with the very demanding ladies of Aylesbury!!  I do facials, waxing, massage, nails etc. and seem to offer a free counselling service as well (LOL!!)   I don’t get back home until late, then repeat the whole process for Tuesday….and then my 5 day weekend begins! 

What do you love most about your job?
The fact that my clients have now become friends and its a great way to make a living! 

What beauty treatment should every woman do to keep herself looking fabulous?
I think it has to be a good facial, whether you like to wear make up or not, you need to start with a good base.

How do you get work/life balance?
You have to learn not to take your work home with you, keep a good sense of humour and find someone special to share your life with. 

How do you relax from work?
Pilates, catching up with friends and Champagne!

What place have you travelled to that you think every woman should go to & why?
If you’re a woman who likes shopping, then it has to be New York.

What three things could you not live without?  

1) My Decolette pad which is for chest lines, its brilliant! (Read more about it here)

From:  www.faceandbody.co.uk

2) Sarah Chapman face oil..smells amazing, feels and looks like I’ve had a facial whilst sleeping 

From: QVC at qvcuk.com

3) Champagne!..because when one is tired of champagne, then one is tired of life!

What special purchase have you recently made?
A pair of Louis Vuitton shoes for my husband! (that took a lot of leg waxes to pay for those!)

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  1. Lizzi
    March 21, 2012 / 5:55 pm

    Big huge THANK YOU for doing the interview Annie – Love you! x

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