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Hi I’m Kelly, a Product Analyst from Bedfordshire. I am married with 2 gorgeous children, Sienna 4 and Joshua 2.

How did you get to the role you are doing today?

By accident really. I left sixth form with 3 A-levels but never really knew what I wanted to do at university and coming from a working class background I knew my parents couldn’t really afford to send me, so I decided to have a year off from studying and got myself a job at a local call centre providing customer service for a car manufacturer. I ended up working there for 8 years doing various different roles, met my lovely hubby, had both my children and made some great friends but I desperately wanted to move on and further my career. That’s when I stumbled across my current role, which is also working for a car manufacturer.

What’s the best thing you love about your job?

I love the fast paced environment and that each day is different. I also love the people I work with and how they are all so passionate about the brand and our products.

What’s a typical day/week for you?

Monday- Friday my day starts with taking my daughter to nursery and then driving 30-40mins to work. I have always been used to driving 10mins to get to work so this has taken some time getting used to. I actually quite like the drive home and find it therapeutic as it gives me the chance to unwind from a long day in the office.

How do you achieve work/life balance?

This is very hard to achieve especially when the both of you work full time and have busy jobs, but me and hubby try to create good quality time with the kids at the weekends, as the little time we spend together during the week is always so rushed. We do lots of different things with the kids at the weekends, take them to the park,go for walks,visit family and hubby takes them swimming on a Sunday morning while I get the housework done.  When you both work and have children, it’s really important that you both chip in and help out otherwise it’s no fun – I’m really lucky because my hubby helps out around the house and gets the kids dressed in the mornings for me. We also try to make as much time for eachother as we can.

What do you do to relax?

I like to get the kids off to sleep and have a glass of wine in the evening, but my idea of true relaxation is a weekend away with the hubby or having a nice long relaxing bath.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

Watching them learn and experiencing things for the first time and when they tell you that they love you – it just melts your heart.

What fun things do you like doing with the kids?

Both my kids are thrill seekers, so we often take them to theme parks designed for younger children and they love it. However, If money is tight and the weather is nice, then it’s fun time in the garden.

Where have you travelled to that you would recommend every woman to goto, and why?

Budapest. I used to travel there quite a lot with work. It’s lovely and hot there in the summer and very pretty in the winter. The food was great and I would definitely recommend a boat trip on the Danube.

What three favourite things do you own and why?

1. My MAC eyebrow pencil in ‘fling’ – As a blonde, I have always found it hard to get an eyebrow pencil that’s not too dark or too orange for my complexion, but when I found the natural colours that MAC offer I just can’t imagine using anything else now.

2. Ted Baker handbag – it was a gift from my hubby and it goes with everything.

3. I have recently brought this gorgeous lace blazer from NEXT. It’s great for dressing up a black dress or black trousers and also looks fantastic with jeans.

What could you not live without?
Perfume! I absolutely love perfume and have over 25 bottles. I cannot leave the house without a spray of one of my many scents and love nothing more than walking through department stores and trying them all out. The most recent addition to my collection is ‘Especially Escada’ which I love, as it has a very fresh floral scent. Great for summer!

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