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We are the three co-owners of Pink Angels Offices Services; Sam Patamia, Penny Pressler and Sam Pearce, all based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

How did you get to where you are today? 
Hard work and determination and a varied/broad range of skills. We  deliver office services to an excellent level of customer service. We also feel that if we are given the opportunity to help someone, be it a local business or just somebody wanting to have a document scanned then we should strive to do so as this will be remembered and in a small town word of mouth is essential for future business.

How did you come about setting up Pink Angels Office Services?
We saw a gap in the market to offer cost effective, stress free alternative to employing more staff. Saving businesses time and money. We were previously work colleagues who were in danger of losing our jobs due to the lack of interest and customer care by our previous employer so decided to branch out on our own. Since we opened in June we have gained 3 more clients through facebook, the premises where we opened which has a number of sole traders and just cold calling.

What’s a typical working day/week for you?
Due to us having different work skills and backgrounds a typical day for the three of us is varied and complex from photocopying, book-keeping and payroll, answering telephone calls for other businesses in their company name. We also administrate the Lotus 7 membership car club, which has 2800 members and Historic Lotus Register which is slightly smaller. As we are a fairly new company a lot of our time is spent networking and sourcing new business from many angles.

What do you love most about your new business?
We love all of aspects of our new business from our pink and grey company colours to our new business premises which are very light and airy and the other occupants are very friendly. Our personal contact with our clients and it is nice to be able to see business grow because of our combined hard work. 

How do you achieve work/life balance?
When we are not in the office, apart from networking and meeting clients, we do not disturb each other with work related issues. We tend to be able to deal with each others work queries. We socialise once a month as a company and as we are friends we tend to meet up at the weekends.

What advice would you give women about setting up a business?
Be brave but do your cashflow forecast and business plan and make sure all figures you use are true reflections on your incomings and outgoings 

What do you like to do to relax away from work?
Penny and Sam Patamia are really into cooking and gardening whereas Sam Pearce is into Lotus 7’s and motorbikes. We are all into fashion shopping of course!

What advice would you give women about dressing professionally for business?
As a company we are always suited and booted and a smart business appearance is essential to promote ourselves within our community. The rules we follow are basically don’t wear anything revealing eg skirts to the knee, blouses buttoned up enough to cover cleavage, smart well fitting skirts, trousers, suits etc preferably not in garish colours! We always try to ensure that we are well groomed and spotless.

The girls from Pink Angels Office Services doing their bit for Race for Life!

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