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My name is Lindsey, I’m 28 but probably act somewhere on a sliding scale between 5 (with friends) and 35 (in the work place). I think I’ve definitely always had an old head on my shoulders but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun or to laugh at myself. 

What do you do for a living?
I come from a very traditional sales background with experience as a sales rep and an account manager working with the UK supermarkets, however recently moved into a new role as a Commercial Planning Manager for a global FMCG company. This involves project management as well as looking at resource allocation and new processes to make the sales and marketing functions within our business more efficient and effective.

How did you get to where you are today?
I’ve always strived to be the best or do the best job I can – but it has been combined with people seeing the potential in me and giving me a chance to do different things, as well as taking every opportunity I can – including relocating from Leeds to London for three years. In addition I’d say ability to take criticism and turn it into something positive, having a good sense of humour, always looking to develop myself (back to being the best I can be!), oh and enthusiasm… showing an interest, being motivated and engaged will get you a long way!

You write a blog, what made you start that?
Hmmmm good question! I got persuaded by friends to join Twitter, followed some beauty brands I was interested in and very quickly stumbled across this whole world of blogging that was completely new to me. I was inspired by a some (www.reallyree.com to name one), and if I’m honest thought I could bring something different than others, so wanted to give it a go!

What’s different about Beauty and the Beats?
Beauty and the Beats combines my two passions – beauty products, treatments and trends as well as a love of house music. From a beauty perspective I tend to feature articles on products that are tried and tested and generally I would repurchase so hopefully provides readers with an in-depth review on what I like and why. I’m not a blogger that tries several new products a week and writes a piece without having given it a fair chance.  

House music and DJ’s normally have more of a male association so I like the contrast with the beauty – plus it’s the opportunity to bring some new and interesting music to an audience that might not normally listen to this genre. I have two regular features including Track of the Week where I try to post a recently or not yet released track, as well as my Weekend Hot Mix where I share a DJ set that I’m loving – these are usually free to download so it’s a great way to pick up new music or to stay ahead of the game if it’s your thing!

How do you achieve work/life balance?
I’m lucky at the moment to have a flexible situation – I’m currently based in Leeds, working from home a couple of days a week with the rest of my week spent staying over in London working at our Richmond office. This definitely helps and at least means I get to spend most nights with my partner as well as being able to keep on top of the washing!  I also find being away from home a few days each week means I am purely focused on work during this time and can be super productive  – I’d rather work late than sit in a hotel room alone! This allows me to make time for friends and family when I’m back home in Leeds.

What’s your favourite thing to do to relax from work?
I’m a massive foodie – I love eating out (throw in a few Margaritas and I’m even happier!) as well as cooking things at home – I’m very good at desserts actually. Thankfully I’m also really into my exercise… I enjoy running as well as going to the gym and accept it’s an essential part of my physical and mental wellbeing.  My other treat to help me relax is my monthly Elemis facial – this helps keep my skin in great condition as well as gets rid of those stresses and strains. You can read the review here.

Where is your favourite location to shop?
It’s a tough one for me… I love Miss Selfridge – the designs are great, the sizing is just right for me – you know when stuff in your size just seems to fit? But then I have a lot of stuff from Next, H&M and George at Asda believe it or not!  I’m definitely a high street lover – I can’t bear to spend a lot of money on clothes, but you could easily convince me a £75 moisturiser was worth it!

If you had to pick one travel destination to recommend, where would that be?
It’s got to be Ibiza! I love the island – I’ve been holidaying there for the last 8 years and there’s far more to the place than just the clubs. Stunning beaches, amazing food – with tasty fresh local ingredients, beautiful people – there’s just something about the place that’s completely magical. Plus it’s where my boyfriend and I got engaged last month and two friends got married earlier this year so it’s made Ibiza even more special…

If anyone needs any recommendations I’m always happy to help!

What three things could you not live without? 

Number one would have to be Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm – my everyday cleanser. The smell is amazing, it gets rid of all makeup even the really stubborn black eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling gorgeous   – you can read the review here

There’s no way I could live without my GHDs – I’ve not looked back since my first pair getting on for 10 years ago and whilst they are expensive they are essential for managing very thick and frizzy hair like mine!

Last but not least would be the website Soundcloud – its my biggest source of new music, I’m constantly finding new DJ’s, producers and mixes to listen too. I’m in the car all the time (constantly up and down the M1) and I’d go crazy without a constant stream of new tunes!

Follow Lindsey on Twitter: @theresonlyoneLB or check out her blog Beauty and the Beats.

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