A whole new you!

You will be reading this post a few days after New Year – but I’m writing this post on New Year’s Eve – how is the whole new you getting on?

Over the last couple of days I’ve been reading lots of tweets about how people are going to change things in 2012 – that’s what I love about New Year!  Forget what has happened, look ahead to a whole new year, new beginnings – great fun to be had!

Some people use this as a time to give things up – I no longer do this.  One reason is because just under three years ago I gave up smoking, after many many years!  That’s me now done for life – giving up an addiction is not a one off, it’s a daily commitment.

So I now use New Year to change things – nothing big, just simple small changes that I know I will be able to maintain.  Hubby & I have been discussing what changes we want to make, and getting fitter is high on the agenda for the both of us.  

Sadly British winters are never a good time to kick start something like this!  But seeing the girls at Zumba on a Tuesday night and having a giggle with them (Lucie – you need to help me get my backside there weekly!!), 5 miles walks with my girlfriend Tasha (go on – let’s start doing this again!)  and getting a new hybrid bike early Spring will be a good starting point for me!

Well I’m starting my fitter ME enthusaitically – let’s see if I’m still excited about this by 1st February! 

I’d love to hear what “new you” you are aiming to go for – why not add a comment on my Facebook page and keep me updated with how you are getting on.  Or for you Tweeters….I’ll know anyway!

Happy New You!

Love Lizzi x


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