It’s exciting that the party season has started, and I thought I would share what I plan to wear this festive season.

Well I’ve had my first bash of the party season and I have a few more coming up over the next few days and weeks – it’s tough to know sometimes whether you should treat yourself to something new or wear what you own already.

I find, some of the items we already own can only be worn at this time of year; whilst I love to think I can sparkle all year round, I have a few items that scream Christmas or New Year that you simply can’t get away with on a hot July summer night!

I have bought one dress for this season; this velvet one. Last year I had been looking for a velvet dress but never found one I loved enough, I think that’s partly because I only looked at black as a colour choice. When I tried on this burgundy number with gold details it just felt more premium. It’s highstreet, it’s M&S!

I featured it on my recent party season campaign for Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe; afterwards I could not stop thinking about it! That’s a positive sign to confirm to yourself, that you were truly wowed by an item.

I also realised that I didn’t need to buy any accessories, shoes or bags to make it work, a strong consideration at my next try-on & point of purchase about a week later. See how I wore it, on this reel.


Another outfit I plan to wear again, is my black jumpsuit – if you struggle to wear black then do consider sheer fabric, it’s a kinder option for those with warm skin tones.

I also feel sometimes the more covered up I am, the sassier I feel and this projects that vibe. Isn’t this what we want from our party wear? That feel-good, I love to party… vibe; and give little concern to what we ARE ACTUALLY wearing!

Well this jumpsuit does just that for me; I can get it on, wear minimal jewellery as it has details already on the neckline and cuffs – which is perfect, I love a garment that does all the work for you.

Phase Eight have a few sizes left of this exact jumpsuit – it fits true to size.

If you love the idea of a jumpsuit, then this is one gets a big tick from me.


Now this next dress below needs a lot more wear, so far I’ve only worn it once and that was New Year, last year in Portugal. Depending on my mood this dress along with my new velvet number are my choices for the two main event, Christmas day and New Year’s Eve – it will simply come down to my mood, but whatever I go for on Christmas day, the other will be NYE for sure!

When it comes to sequins, do remember it’s plastic and this has a negative impact on the environment. Buy wisely, invest in something you’ll own for many many years or buy preloved. Whatever you do, please don’t send them to landfill – sell an item you no longer love or simply give it away to charity or a girlfriend.


Plus – don’t miss!

“This Christmas I’ll be hosting and that for me means all the glam!” says blogger, Lizzi Richardson, aka Loved by Lizzi

I’m delighted to be featured in the newly published December issue of Oxfordshire Living – ‘Time to shine‘ written by the editor, Samantha Harman, about her own views on what to wear for Christmas! Read more about it here.




  1. December 5, 2022 / 2:45 pm

    You look wonderful in that velvet dress! I’m loving these jumpsuit options. So true that being covered up can make one feel sassier and confident during this season! xx

    • lovedbylizzi
      December 8, 2022 / 11:46 am

      I am so glad you agree! Lizzi x

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