Weekend Vibes: The Simple Tee

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Every now and then we all need that relaxing weekend when we don’t really have too much planned, and the day can flex into whatever comes your way. These kind of weekends call for the simple jeans and T-shirt combo, nothing to complicated and just low-key and simple.

This post I’ve not picked out any specific t-shirt, I’m just going to talk about my favourite brands and why I purchase from them.

On a budget – Head to H&M

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I have worn this t-shirt I reckon at least 50 times, it’s supersoft to touch, it’s never lost its shape and I still get motivated by the moto – it cost me £7.99. 

With these kind of shops, you have to buy them when you see them, and if you get fed up with them, then they get downgraded to the dog-walking, gardening or slouching at home kind of pile.

Want to wear them to the office – Go straight to M&S

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I often wear a classic t-shirt under a blazer with trousers to work. I have a selection from M&S either from the Limited Edition range or from their Basics – I’ve rarely paid more then £10 for any t-shirt there

The quality is great for work, particular the whites as you find with M&S there is thickness to the cotton that you rarely get with fashion tees.

My only tip here, is black and navy will finally fade, downgrade them when they get to that point, you should always look fresh for work.

Would love more choice of colour – Check out your colour palette on Kettlewell Colours online

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On the high street you can always get the basics of black, navy, grey and white, but if you really into your colour season, like I am then you want to expand your choice. I’m an Autumn and therefore a lot of standard navys I cannot wear, I need a Marine Navy and the quickest way to find this is from Kettlewell.

I love this Slub Charli Top (£35) as the sleeves make this simple T-shirt dressy for going out for lunch and yet I’m keeping that relaxed feel that I want. Great choice and quality.

Looking for something different – Visit your local boutiques or head online

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My Muse t-shirt above or the She Died of Individuality on the right here are findings I have come across online, local boutiques or recommendations from fashion mags. When you see them, you have to buy them. Prices vary, but if you love them when you first see them, you’ll wear them!

My Muse tee I saw on Instagram and within 24 hours I had purchased it from Quattro Rish boutique over the phone, they now have an online store so go and check them out.

And finally, let’s relax – Hush may have the answer

Instagram: @LovedbyLizzi

The cotton slub V that I’m wearing here is £27 and comes in lots of colours. What I love about it, is that it has this super relax vibe about it. 

I could never wear to the office or out for dinner with the girls, it’s the type of tee you’d where to the beach, to the park or for relaxing on a Sunday, like I am here.

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