Wedding thoughts: Wedding Planning

I always thought it would be lovely to plan weddings for a living – wouldn’t it be great to be looking at wedding dresses, card designing, menu selecting and not forgetting the wine & champagne testing each day…..until I (actually hubby & I) came to plan our wedding.

It’s hard work!

It’s fun – don’t get me wrong, but so much rests on one day.  One day to get everything right!

You know if you asked me the week before the wedding if the wedding car may not show up until the very very last minute or if the cake stand wouldn’t take the weight of the cake – I probably would have glared so hard at you as if to say “why would that happen!”.  Well in my case…this is what happened!  And I can honestly say to all the lovely Brides-to-be… that on the day you’ll just get on with it!

All the best plans can go wrong, but what you perhaps don’t think about is all the lovely family & friends you have protecting you on the day!  So the vintage car, it turned up in plenty of time, at my house (the address we booked in) and not at my Mum’s (the address I gave them two days before the wedding).  Luckily (thank god) my neighbours were in – sending him on his way by helping him push the car to start it!

Now for my cake – My lovely mother-in-law arranged for a cake-maker to make a gorgeous wedding cake just how I selected it, particularly the silver stand!  The cake looked and tasted gorgeous!  I found out the day after the wedding the lengths people went to try to make the cake & the silver stand work.   I didn’t notice as it looked beautiful.  But that’s my point…everyone wants the day to go well that somehow magic seems to happen!

Planning this special day is fun, and should be itself quite rewarding.  If you are finding things hard or stressful just ask a friend or family member (go for the ones that are married – they will fully understand how you feel) and I think you will be surprised just how much help you will get!  It’s just a thought…

Our wedding car – Rolls Royce Silver Cloud IIWorth every penny and was simply gorgeous!Bradley Rice-West Photography


  1. Emma Cossey
    May 1, 2012 / 6:54 am

    This post couldn't be better timed! I've been struggling to organise the wedding around work etc, so I'm going to call in the backup – my super-organised mum and sister.

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    July 17, 2012 / 6:28 am

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