Wedding hair – can be one of the most challenging tasks to sort for your wedding day.  It’s fine, if you are keeping the same colour & style, but quite often brides-to-be like to have their hair done very different from their day-to-day look.  Trying to grow your hair long to a suitable length and keeping it glossy, needs lots of preparation!

You’ll find it hard to decide on your hairstyle until you have chosen your dress.   Some dresses simply don’t lend themselves to certain hairstyles.  Colour is also important; your skin tone, the colour of the dress and the time of year must all be taken into account.

A good hairdresser should be able to explain to you what you need to do and help you with timings so that you are having the right amount of cuts to get it to grow healthily,  and with colour to get the right shade on the day.  Make sure you budget for this hair prep in your wedding spend, as you will be surprised how much it all adds up!

You should also think quite early on if you want your bridesmaids to co-ordinate with you, and that they don’t decide to make any drastic changes to their hair before your big day!

Now if you are having an up do, you may have to invest in hair extensions, again your hairdresser should have contacts, if they don’t provide the service themselves.  Whatever your having, book a hair trail as soon as, to decide if what you’ve picked is right for you.

Have your bridesmaids there too, as it would be a good chance to decide on their hairstyles, plus invite your mum & mum-to-be, it’s a great way of making them feel involved and it gives you an excuse to open the bubbly!

Here is a website if you want to check out Celebrity wedding looks, to give you some ideas for your special day: Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Here are my top three, my favourite is Hilary’s – it gorgeous!

Kate Moss
Hilary Duff
Candice Crawford

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  1. Fashiondarlin
    March 10, 2012 / 5:55 pm

    Great post, I like Candace Crawford's hair for wedding hair. The other two styles are nice but I don't think I would wear a bun in that style and I wear my hair down a lot anyway! x

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