Wedding thoughts: Dress

At new year I start to think about weddings.  Who’s getting married this year? What’s the venue? How long have they got? etc etc.  Weddings are one of the most exciting times in peoples lives, and I think the whole planning stage should be enjoyed as much as possible – not always easy with some families, say no more!

I was a bride in 2010 – One of my greatest enjoyments was finding my dress.  I love dresses, and naturally assumed that I would opt for a really big meringue, where else can a girl get a way with wearing a big dress? But it was not to be!

In previous years, as a bridesmaid, I chose not to try on wedding dresses whilst helping girlfriends to find theirs – YES I truly believed that if you were to try one on without being engaged – IT would never happen!  

Now on my quest to find my dress, I started with a new boutique in Milton Keynes called “Once upon a time” – I went with my mum the first time, as it’s one of those Mum & Daughter moments. I was booked in for a two hour appointment – I couldn’t believe how much time they were going to give me – oh how you need it!  Trying on these dresses is a mammoth task, it probably takes a good 20 mins to get in it, flaunt about, discuss and then get out of it!  You also find that standing around in just your knickers is how you will spend about 50% of your appointment (be warned!).

I was also lucky to have a friend who offered to open up a wedding shop that she helps out in, on a Sunday when it is closed.  My bridesmaid & I were there before she could change her mind! We must have been in there for hours….I think I tried on about 10-15 dresses!  Now whilst I didn’t find “the one” it gave me a good idea of what I liked and also the designer I would pick.

When you get engaged, every woman you meet who is/has been married will say to you “you’ll know when you’ve found it” – what a cliche I thought….but how true!

So I found my designer, I then found the dress, an art deco style mermaid dress with a brooch. The nearest stockist to me was The Bridal House in Aston Clinton.  I made my appointment.  I tried on, I loved, I purchased and my dress was on order!

About 8 weeks before my wedding, I had to go to The Bridal House to collect my headwear.  As I approached the shop they always have a dress in their window – so naturally I take a look. My heart sinks, I get in all of a panic, the dress I’m looking at is GORGEOUS.  I can’t quite explain but in those few moments I thought “I’ve got the wrong dress – I need this one!”.  I take a closer look and then start to laugh – it’s my dress in the window!  The dress I’ve picked for me – I then thought – they were right!

My advice to you girls who are looking for your wedding dress – take your time! Try them all on – even the ones you think you may not like, you might surprise yourself!  Enjoy the experience and have lots of fun with your girlfriends.  You never have this special time again!

One more thing….“you’ll know when you’ve found it!”

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