Trend Watch – Tapered Trousers as seen on Victoria Beckham

Tapered trousers have been around for a few seasons now, but I’ve not seen too many people adopt the look as part of their workwear attire.

At the recent Viva Forever launch, a new musical West End show written by Jennifer Saunders that features most of the Spice Girl songs, Victoria Beckham wore tapered trousers.  Now for this type of evening out, I’m a little surprised she wasn’t a little more dressed up, that said, her look inspired me to go and try some on!!

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If you are loving this look, here are a few pointers to bear in mind to get the look just right:

  • The idea of this style is that you show a little ankle, the length you are looking for is to get to around your ankle bone, as when you sit down they will rise slightly.
  • Before selecting your shoes think about the hosiery that you might wear; the best look is to wear nothing however it’s a little cold for that just now, so opt for nude but if you really have the need to wear black then perhaps invest in a pattern style that breaks up the heavy block denier.  If you do opt for the latter then ideally stick to flat shoes!
  • Now for the fun part – there are lots of different shoes you can consider for you look, mid-high court shoes.  You could consider brogues or patent flat shoes – or even opt for winter styles of sandals or wedges.  But I personally would avoid boots, especially any boot that goes above the ankle!
  • If you wish to avoid increasing the width of your hips, then don’t opt for a style with pockets.

I haven’t yet worn mine, but I know they are going to look great for the office, I will be wearing mine with black patent mid-high pointy shoes.

I’ve checked out a few for you to consider:

French Connection – Supreme Seductress Trousers

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French Connection

House of Fraser – Religion – Temple Trousers

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Religion – House of Fraser

M&S – Limited Collection – Navy Trousers


Limited Collection at M&S

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