I was very lucky this week as I got to go to Stockholm on a business conference – what a beautiful city! I was completely overwhelmed by the glorious architecture, the super clean streets and most of all what the ladies were wearing.

It was like a uniform; very stylish, practical (no high-heels at all, didn’t see one pair!), and the colourings were neutral and muted, it was like they had all signed up to a code of conduct and everyone, and I mean everyone was complying.

I took a couple of photos below to give you an insight into it, but if you can imagine slimline cigarette trousers in either black, navy or beige. Nearly everyone had a grey cashmere jumper on. Stark white crisp shirts, that some had poking out underneath their jumper, collar up or down that it seems you could decide for yourself. Every one in pumps, trainers or brogues again colours were mainly black, navy or grey.

Coats were kept lightweight and simple, mainly 3/4 length with sleeves tucked up to their elbows. Quite a few had accessorised with scarves, which just oozed quality, definitely cashmere. 

There was something very elegant about this smart-casual approach to a work wardrobe, by keeping the palette neutral this I’m sure allows for garments to be swapped throughout the week without having to work too hard. I was inspired truly – especially as we have recently adopted a more business casual style within our office. 

I was also a tad pleased with my travel outfit that you can see at the beginning of the post, without knowing I blended in quite well, which is a huge bonus when you are not a local.


To get this Stockholm style here are some key brands you could consider…


GAP UK would be a great place to start, particularly for trousers or jeans – it’s also a good place to check out shirts.


This coat is from COS, the design was very much Stockholm style. COS is also great for basic neutral garments which have clean lines and simple designs.

French Connection

And for knitwear, head to French Connection – the quality is always lovely and you will be sure to bagsy that grey jumper whether you want it very simple or the design to feature the latest trend.


My full outfit details:

Jacket – Alexa in Forrest Green by Kettlewell Colours
Top – Bruce by Bruce Webber from John Lewis
Jeans – Skinny black by Next
Trainers – Stan Smith by Adidas


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