Travel in style – City break chic

There is nothing more exciting than planning a trip away, with a loved one, a friend or even going solo!  Living in Europe makes travelling so easy, I love the fact that you don’t have to travel far to discover a whole new culture – a new language, lots of different foods to try and a different approach to living.  It’s entertaining spending time in cafes, just watching people going about there daily routine.

I find you have the added adventure of getting there too  – planes, trains & automobiles will have nothing on you by the time you have reached your hotel room!  A few days away can be all the medicine you need to feel revitalised – you will feel you have achieved so much simply by being there.  

Each time I travel, what to pack and what to carry it all in is just as important.  I have some really gorgeous weekend bags, bright colours so that every one knows it’s mine and quite often not practical at all.  Well what can I say, style should always come first!

I’ve been looking to see what’s new for weekend bags to help you stand out from the crowd!

ASOS Oversized Punchout Holdall
This gorgeous yellow oversized holdall features an oversized main, zip through fastening with twin grab handles to the top, perforated design around the middle, and a detachable shoulder strap. And only £40.00

BRICS – Missoni limited edition from Selfridges
I’m absolutely loving this travel bag!  Featuring the unmistakable zigzag pattern and vibrant colour pallette of Missoni, this stylish holdall is given a bold edge. 
£345.00 – Value of purchase £43 assuming that you will use it four times a year for two years!

Marks & Spencer – Marcel Wanders Small Nosé Suitcase
This is gorgeous and I think a lovely mix of style without really having to stretch the budget!  A quirky, yet stylish design of the iconic Marcel Wanders Nosé design makes this perfect for those weekend breaks and adds a little practicality for travelling.

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