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There are always a handful of accessories you instantly grab as soon as you know you are heading on your travels – be that for work or for pleasure. I have always struggled to regulate my body temperature; yes I am that person who is always way too hot or way too cold! And so for me scarves are a very good option. Now once the heat kicks in, scarves are not something you tend to think about; around October 2018 I was introduced (via Instagram) to a brand called Touch London Scarves.

Touch London scarves are are made from 100% woollen yarn that are soft to the touch – I am actually holding my Highgate one as I am writing this – because I want to get across, in my own words, that it’s not like a woollen scarf. It feels to me a little like a soft linen, there is something summery about it that makes me feel it’s a scarf that you can wear all year round. And therefore makes for a good pashmina.

In the next couple of weeks I will be jetting off to Portugal for an early summer holiday and with daily temperatures of 25 degrees, hubby has warned that whilst the days are hot the evenings can be breezy. Our love of dining alfresco means I need to think about what I want to sit and stay warm in, whilst I am eating.  My Touch London Highgate scarf will definitely be one of my options on a couple of evenings for sure! This colourful scarf is a mix of hot coral, soft salmon and almond cream, just perfect to go with my Topshop coral sandals that I have recently purchased.

Three in one colourways

This is probably a good time to explain that you actually get four scarves in one! Every scarf comes in three predetermined colourways, with one edge sewn all the way along – this means you can wear each scarf as per one colour or you can mix it up and blend the three colours together.

I usually mix the three but that’s because I tend to wear more neutral outfits and this is a great way to add more colour. That said on the evenings in Portugal where I want to tone in with my Topshop sandals I will probably go for hot coral on its own.

Touch London Scarves Highgate
Lizzi wearing the Highgate Touch London scarf with Topshop coral sandals


Touch London Highgate Scarf – £69

Topshop Stippy Coral Heeled Sandal – £39 (affiliate link)

Shell Jewellery details



I often travel, especially when flying, with a scarf/pashmina – firstly it adds style to my outfit but then it covers my practical needs too – like keeping me warm either on my lap or around me as a pashmina and  sometimes I roll it up as a pillow for a little siesta on the plane! Well I need to get my beauty sleep (LOL)


Touch London Scarves Ebury
Lizzi wearing the Touch London Ebury Scarf

Touch London Ebury Scarf – £69

This Touch London Ebury Scarf is perfect for ladies who want to have a neutral colour and this one will tone in with pretty much any neutrals of camel, navy, grey or black – a very versatile option!



Another thing I particularly like to do, is add scarves to my bag. It adds more colour and style before anything else, and then naturally it gives you the option to wear it should you feel the need.

I also like to drape it over the opening of my tote bag or beach bag by covering up my personal items – totes bags for me are a popular choice because I carry lots of items; but rarely do these style of  bags fully fasten. It’s important to keep your items safe whilst abroad because when you are busy chatting and being entertained by your friends, sadly this is a time when others may prey – if they can’t see it, they can’t grab it – well that my theory anyway!


Touch London Scarves Warwick
Lizzi using Touch London Warwick scarf with Carvela Tote Bag

Touch London Warwick Scarf – £69



Well I am pleased to say that Keren and Ashley, the owners of Touch London Scarves, have done the thinking for you – as part of the design process they worked with colour consultants and for the most part it’s as simple as cool or warm palette, and for those of you who know which season you actually are – you should be able to use your colour swatch book to match one or more scarves to your season. By all means, get in touch with them if you need help.


Touch London Scarves Touch Branding
Touch London Scarves Brand

As always I like to be as transparent as possible, my Highgate scarf was gifted to me back in October 2018 for use on Instagram and the Ebury and Warwick were on loan for this photoshoot as part of my summer blogging.



All photos in this blogpost have been taken by Sarah Rider Photography



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