Top tips on improving your resilience – Part 2

More tips from the resilience course I went to last week;  they gave advice around different tools that you can consider using to help build capacity within your day.

Some of these seem very straight forward, some however will require a need of learning and then adoption to master these in full.

Now this one will need some learning!  I’ve yet to try this technique, but my understanding is that you are suppose to be still (whether that’s sitting or lying) and just let your thoughts run through your mind.  Don’t try and use the brain to think of the past or the future, but to “empty”.

By doing this for about ten minutes each day, the clearing of the mind helps with energising your brain. By exercising the brain, this can help with your productivity.

I’ll be looking at this one in more detail in a future blogpost.

We know this already – I hate this word, I personally prefer to keep fit & healthy, I think that sounds so much better and less like a chore.

To keep fit and healthy, think movement.  Anything that gets you up and out of bed or off the sofa can only be a good thing!

Clarity of purpose
Again I don’t think this one is as straightforward.  You need to spend time thinking about what matters to you, what do you want to achieve and be.  Without goals or aspirations you can end up plodding and waste time and energy on things that are not what you want to do.

Facing reality
Some goals are achievable, some are not.  For example, I will never be a member of the Royal family, so there is no point dwelling or wishing on this, as it can make you unhappy.

Facing reality is about being realistic and pragmatic, by doing this you can clearly see your stepping stones to get yourself on your way to achieving your life’s desires.

Healthier Nutrition
“You are what you eat!” is a popular quotation, but it’s true.  By drinking lots of caffeine or eating lots of sugary food will only give you a short-term hit and your likely to feel worse then before you had them. Drinking more water is not easy, but a no brainer really!  

Bring grateful about what life is all about.  I’ve been practising Law of Attraction now for over two years, and one of the main elements of this is being grateful.  Say thank you to waking up healthy, say thank you to being free and independent, say thank you for having drinkable water flowing from your kitchen tap…. and so on!

You soon realise that you are a very lucky person.

Keeping connected
We are a social animals.  We are designed to be around other people.  Without socialising your not getting feedback and that’s important to us, to know how we are feeling.  

The trainer mentioned that if all we do is get up, go to work, go home, eat, watch telly and then go to bed – we will not be happy, we will burn out.

By doing other activities throughout the week, and mixing things up and not keep to a regimented routine, not only will we be happier but we will be more productive at work.

Quite a lot to take in, but all very worthy points.  Now we are not going to achieve all these points overnight, but just start to think what could you change, will it make you happy?

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