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There are many ways to tackle The Sales period and if you are one that you just wants to head out, no research, and just see what you get, then hey I am all for that too Ms Moneybags! (LOL)

However the vast majority of us need to spend wisely and The Sales fall in the month when, let’s be honest, we have the least amount of disposable income after having the best Christmas EVER! 

The recent news that high streets are suffering may bring us, the consumers, a little early joy with the sales starting before the traditional Boxing Day – but STOP and give some thought to why

If you truly love your brands, nows the time to invest in them, stick to where your heart truly lies and who you want to make sure you can buy from in months to come, place your favourites high up on your loyalty list.

Don’t forget your favourite local boutiques, they will also have sales, make time for them as I’m sure they will have some exciting offers too.


We all want ‘things’ – I’d love a Chanel Jacket… however that’s not happening this January! So want do you need? This should really be your starting point… new boots? a premium-quality winter coat? That leather purse that sadly Santa didn’t bring. Go through your wardrobe and start to write a list.

Once you have your list – which three are your highest priority?

What can wait until Spring 2019? Cross them off – you want to feel you can have reason to be buying for new season, so park them for now. Come January… Spring is around 12 weeks away, and so investing in Winter is now short-term.


Think about your favourite brands, go see what they have for the top three items you need. Here you want to be looking at style, the fabric qualities, and not forgetting the price. Which ones do you want to touch and feel? 


Again, unless you are Ms Moneybags… your first question should be ‘how much can I afford to spend?‘ allocate values against your list, especially your top three. Then have another little hunt online looking at other brands too, to see what’s out there and at what price.

January sales last weeks so don’t feel you have to buy on day one (unless you truly believe you will not get this chance again) come mid-January some prices will be reduced again, so if you are not bothered whether you get it, I would hold off. I’ve had some cracking investments by waiting, it’s a risk, but I get joy at buying for the least amount possible.


The Sales are not just for investment pieces – it’s a great time to buy cheap on ‘trends’ too so that you are not investing too much of your hard earned cash into them. Try to pick items that will take you well into Spring, so you can get more wear.


Before you buy any sale item, check the returns policy. I’ve been hit a couple of times with well-known high street brands that you can only get store credit on sale returns. That is no good, you need your money back, so check. Plus dates reduce too from 28 days to normally 14, sometimes even 7 days, so check.

We all make mistakes, and the best thing you can do after you get home and realised they are not for you. Take them back. I’ve lost count how many wardrobe weeds I’ve done when I see tags hanging off the garment to hear ‘I bought that in the sale a few years ago…’

Enjoy the sales, wear your bargain hunter hat! And shop wisely for your wardrobe… good luck!

Lizzi x



Loved by Lizzi

I particularly wanted to feature this biker jacket for this blogpost, the reason for this is I have waited three years or more for this AllSaints biker jacket, and I have finally rewarded myself with one, now that I got it at a good price (a third off in the recent Black Friday sales).

I’ve previously wrote about the quality of faux or real leather jackets and unless you invest in a timeless classic like this one, then I feel you should go cheap.

I’ve teamed it here with my M&S Holly dress (giving the impression it’s a skirt) by adding my camel jumper over the top, the neckline of this too acts as a scarf so I don’t have to add more bulk across my chest and I keep extra warm too.

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