Tom Ford – 15 things every man should know for

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Now I rarely write anything to do about men on my blog, nothing about styling or buying really – however this week on they featured this article by Tom Ford as part of celebrating 15 years of –  I was really surprised to see just how similar the rules would be for us ladies too?!

I then had a go at trying to think about 15 things every woman should know, and seriously I could have just kept going!  I’ve restrained myself to 15, but I found it very hard – after your’ve read mine, I’m sure you would change a few for your top 15.

So starting with Tom’s – I’m hoping this will aid you in gift-buying this Christmas season or simply to pass on a couple of tips to the men in your lives.

  1. To laugh – ‘A sense of humour.’
  2. Starting The Day – ‘A daily read of the newspaper.’
  3. Fancy A Game? – ‘A sport that you love and are good at.’
  4. Grooming Essential – ‘Tweezers.’
  5. A Signature – ‘A good cologne that becomes a signature.’
  6. The Right Suit – ‘A well cut dark suit.’
  7. Style Classics – ‘A pair of classic black lace-up shoes.’
  8. Tailoring – ‘A smart blazer.’
  9. Denim – ‘The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.’
  10. Wardrobe Staples – ‘Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.’
  11. Good Underwear – ‘Always new socks and underwear (throw away the old ones every six months).’
  12. Something Smart – ‘A classic tuxedo.’
  13. Efficient Accessories – ‘A beautiful day watch with a metal band.’
  14. Cool Accessories – ‘The perfect sunglasses.’
  15. A Great Smile – ‘Perfect teeth – if you don’t have them, save up and have them fixed.

And now here are mine:

  1. Stye Essential – ‘Find the right dress for your body shape (this should include an LBD)’
  2. Have it at hand – ‘A great day bag for all your bits & pieces’
  3. Daring greatly – ‘Be confident to go on a trip, a movie or dinner on your own’
  4. Essential grooming – ‘Eyebrows, legs, nails and feet (you know what I mean 😉 )’
  5. Keep it wrapped – ‘A shawl/scarf that you take everywhere with you’
  6. Denim – ‘The perfect pair of jeans that can be worn with heels, boots or trainers’
  7. Double up – ‘Two blazers – one for Autumn/Winter and the other for Spring/Summer’
  8. British style – ‘A tea dress or Maxi for those afternoons in the great English countryside’
  9. Think positive – ‘Dreams do come true if you stay focused’
  10. It’s all the walk – ‘Find a pair of heels (mid or high) that you can walk in confidently’
  11. Health does matter! – ‘Exercise your inner and outer self’
  12. After eight – ‘The clutch bag that just goes with everything’
  13. Bejewelled – ‘Treasure that family jewel, it was past to you for that reason’
  14. The right size – ‘You should get your breasts measured regularly so that you are wearing the right size underwear – you’ll never look fabulous with wrong underwear, FACT!’
  15. Stick together – ‘Find a girlfriend or two that you can say absolutely anything to without being judged!’

I would love to know what your fifteen would be, so please feel free to add them into the comments for this post!  My favourite ones will be tweeted or maybe included in a follow-up post!

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