When it comes to buying something, anything, you need to think about the value it will be to YOU.

I have a simple formula that I have been using since I was a young shopper trying to justify each of my purchases with the little money I had.  An old friend, Kay, used to laugh at me in the changing room every time she could hear me doing the maths!

My formula is “The value of the product” divided by “The amount of times you will honestly wear/use the item” – This equals the “value of your purchase“.

Now I’m not saying you will be using this every time – believe me, I still have days were I’ve left buying the dress to the day before the do & panic bought at whatever cost the dress I think will make me look good!
But here is an example of two purchases I’ve made this year, and see which you think is better value:

  1. An evening dress from NEXT bought in haste for £40 – I’ve worn it for that occasion, and unlikely to wear it again because it didn’t make me feel fantastic.  Value of purchase = £40
  2. An evening dress bought from an independent boutique with an original designer price tag of £150 that I purchased in the January sale at £110 – by the end of this year I will have worn it 4 times & likely to again next year, as I feel fabulous wearing it.  Value of purchase = £27.50 

So next time you shop, that higher price tag may be better value for money?  You do the maths!


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