‘Tis the eve of Christmas

Hopefully by now all the Christmas shopping has been bought, wrapped and put under the relevant Christmas tree.  Food shopping with all the extra trimmings sorted & waiting to be stuffed!  Or if you have treated yourself to eating out then you’ve had a lucky escape this year at the supermarkets (well done you!)

Nows the time to sit back & relax with that glass of wine and enjoy the festive holidays – no more can be done, no more can be bought – so enjoy!

If you are the one cooking tomorrow don’t stress whatever time it’s ready is when they will eat – I find a slurp or two of wine usually helps the cooking along!  If you are not cooking (and here’s hoping I’m one of them) then at least offer to do the washing up – fingers cross they have a dish washer!! 

Merry Christmas everyone, have a fabulous festive holiday



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