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With this current changeable weather, let’s be honest we don’t know if we are coming or going with spring. Many of you by now will have packed away your winter clothing and potentially only have a few layering garments to help keep you warm through this chilly spring month.

This post is to help you layer up for your office-wear rather than opting to get your winter wardrobe back out. What you will find with these two techniques is that, should the weather get better as the day goes on, you can remove the layers to stay cool in the sun.


Red dress layering

Layering over a dress is definitely the easier option out of the two, but you need to be very careful that you don’t add bulk to your overall look.

  • Start with a summer dress that you believe will look like a good skirt on you
  • Then consider your body shape; if you do not need to define your waist then you can consider a chunky oversized jumper. If you need to define your waist then aim to opt for a finer knit
  • If you are going chunky – you probably will not have to be too concerned about any frills or buttons etc at the top of the dress
  • If you opt for a finer knit, then you seriously need to think about frills, buttons, collars etc as this may show through
  • Do not try layering when running late for work in the morning; this is one you need to practice, test and try with several jumpers to see what works best
  • I find opting for a polo neck jumper is the most easiest style, as this should completely cover up the top of the dress
  • If you need to define the waist, then you need to belt it! Up to you if you want to show off a belt or opt for tone-on-tone to get a more subtle effect
  • You can smarten up the look by adding a suit jacket; the jacket length needs to compliment the skirt you’ve created

The above outfit is a summer H&M red dress, that I have added my M&S black cashmere polo neck jumper, which I have belted it, as I need to define my waist; and then I’ve opted for a black suit jacket from Wallis for extra warmth. And because it’s been very cold, I’m back wearing black opaque black tights and shoe boots.


Blue dress layering

The ‘under’ technique is a slightly harder but I think you retain a better spring look whilst staying warm at the same time. There’s only really a few things you need to think about here, but you’ve got to get right.

  • You’ve already thought through your body shape; because that’s why you’ve chosen the dress, and this will still be for the most part your finished look
  • It’s important that you test your under-garments to see if they work; what I mean by this is, if your top gives you a line across the body that can be seen, this is not going to look good, try a different under-top
  • Aim as much as possible to select the thinnest garments to go underneath – or you’ll be adding bulk which will not be flattering
  • Depending on what colour or neutrals you’ve opted for then try to work in your tights and shoes with this.

The above outfit is a summer H&M blue dress, and I have added my Topshop nude polo neck. I’ve then opted for nude tights and strappy plum heels as this compliments the blue dress, keeping the overall look lighter rather than opting for shoe boots.


Probably not the most easiest thing to spot, but if you did (well done fashionista!) Yes the red and the blue dress are the exact same style dress!

I am a firm believer that if you find a well-fitted dress, buy it in more than one colour option. A fit of a dress is far more important (I believe) than colour – I don’t always say this, but I do when it comes to dresses!

Now I only bought this dress myself this weekend, they are £19.99 each (yes I know, it’s ridiculously cheap and I can vouch that they are perfectly acceptable quality for work.

They have sold out online so you will need to head in store. (Tip – they are likely to be merchandised where H&M showcase their workwear, like blazers etc – so head to that section first or ask an assistant by showing a photo)

I hope you found this post useful – You don’t have to use this dress to achieve this, have a play with the dresses you already own. If it helps take some photos of yourself to remember what works with what. 

My final tip – if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right then don’t wear it, you do not want to be uncomfortable all day in the office, you’ll just fidget or get hot & bothered, so test and be sure before you head out for a full day.

Good luck!


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