When we enter a new season, I always seem to overhear how people feel that they need to change their entire wardrobe –  and the truth is, you don’t!

Trends are there to influence people to shop, and the pressure of being ‘current’ is not as bigger deal as the magazines and social media make it. Yes I love fashion, Yes I like to be modern, but if you buy quality and if you invest in classics or items that suit your natural colourings and bodyshape then you can take items from season to season, from one year to the next.

Don’t get me wrong there are always going to be items that you want to clear out, but I bet when you take a real good look at them, they were cheaper, trendy items that perhaps you never truly loved in the first place.

To make my point, the above outfit I wore this Sunday and I had a quite a few compliments; the jumpsuit alone must be at least four years old now, the bag at least three, the sandals I purchased last summer – in fact there is not one new item I am wearing, and yet I feel this is as good as the first day I bought my jumpsuit.


Restyling an item takes a little time and effort and yes you may have to make a few purchases for the gaps you find. For example – you may have always worn a red belt with a dress with red shoes, however now you may own a new pair of white shoes and therefore you need to purchase a new white belt, making the overall outfit a much fresher look, giving you the confidence you need to wear something that’s a little bit older.


I’m a big fan of getting your money’s worth out of your wardrobe, so I would start with your most expensive summer items that you own. Try to remember why you first bought it, what did you wear with it, and why you think you are not wearing it today.

I frequently here that a dress purchased for a wedding perhaps can’t be worn to the office – why?

I’m pretty sure that you wore your dress with accessorised high heels or maybe a clutch bag, you just need to tone down the look by adding your usual daily office items.

The dress below is a new item – I can easily wear this dress to a special occasion, but I’ve worn it to the office today toned down, by adding in very plain nude shoes, my Khaki military jacket that I invested in for this Spring and my usual red work bag.

Biba dress


To keep your look fresh, you do need to invest in yourself; key items like jackets, bags and shoes are the best place to start. I recently wrote a post about six pieces to refresh your spring wardrobe, and it’s this kind of inspiration you should consider when reviewing your current clothes.

A good place to start is with your accessories – new necklaces, bangles even potentially make-up, are simple changes and will refresh an old look, without spending too much money.


I’ve talked a little about this before, this is where social media really kicks in and can help you target exactly the inspiration you need. Sometimes when flicking through the latest edition of RED, GLAMOUR, HELLO FASHION you actually feel very down because you can’t simply buy it all, and magazines don’t really help you restyle what you already own.

By using social media is a research type of mode, you can really hone in on some great inspiration. Using keywords or hashtags depending on what social media you are using, this will get you to your search much quicker.

The two I use the most for this is Pinterest and Instagram.

To put this into practice for you, let’s take last year’s mustard yellow trousers I purchased from M&S, and let’s see what comes up!

Mustard yellow trousers


Okay as I don’t own these photos, I’ve taken snippets for you to get a feel, but instantly white tee, stripe tee and also some leopard print is coming into mind for me to consider.


Again very quickly here I am getting, men’s oversized shirts, gingham shirts and not forgetting the very trendy polka dot.

By taking inspiration from others can really be the magic you are looking for. If you don’t own an oversize shirt and you happen to live with a man, then borrow his to see if that look works for you before paying out.

Charity shops, eBay these are all great lower-cost options to shop for the gaps you have, you just need to spend time searching and sticking to your list of items you need to get. 


  1. Restyle the most expensive items you have in your wardrobe particularly from last summer so that you start to get a better ratio on the ‘cost per wear’ factor
  2. Start by updating your low-cost accessories to bring your look up to date
  3. Get inspiration by targeting your research on social media to specific items you own

I hope this post helps you, and tag me in on your restyle posts if you do put them on Facebook or Instagram, either by using @lovedbylizzi or my hashtag #lovedbylizzi – I would love to see your fabulous restyled outfits!

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