My first out-out after lockdown 3 was pretty much all preloved! I’ve really started to enjoy preloved shopping and here’s where I buy.

The outfit above is dinner out with my girlfriends after six months in lockdown due to COVID. After so many days spent inside, I had my entire wardrobe to choose what to wear for my first night out, and interestly three of my favourite pieces I am wearing, my boots, the pussy-bow blouse and the Chanel inspired black tweed jacket are all preloved purchases.

So I thought I would share where I buy my preloved shopping items.


A dress agency in Buckinghamshire, but you can follow them on Instagram and they can arrange to post to your home. It’s definitely worth watching their daily instastories @vintageandvogueuk as many items sell fast on there before ever making it onto the squares, especially if you are keen on designer handbags but not at designer prices – I’ve found it to be a great place for preloved shopping.

Here’s a close up of the blouse I bought – always worth a try-on when you visit as many items don’t look much on the hanger, like this one, but are fabulous once you get them on.


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Fazane Fox is a fashion designer, and she has set up this preloved fashion website described as ‘an eclectic collection of vintage, designer clothing & samples from the production lab and personal finds from our founder Fazane Fox.’

I’ve bought two items, that I absolutely love and I also got to win an item in one of their latest giveaways.

All my purchases have been online – you do need to get a tape measure out and check your body fit, and so far, so good. It all fits!

Definitely worth following on instagram at @studi0foxvintage to see what’s new online.

My Chanel inspired black tweed jacket


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A black sheer bomber jacket, I’ve worn this lots as an alternative to a cardie!


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I’m not a huge fan of this site, but I have bought and I do love my purchase. This site is typically where super-influencers sell off their clothes; so if you follow someone on instagram and you love their style, then it’s worth checking out if they have a Depop account.

I absolutely loved this Isabel Marant black lace top from one of my super influencer’s account.

Now I know I wear it quite a bit, manly as a layering piece because of the lace, however this is the only image I could find on my insta squares – as you can see the texture adds interest to an everyday outfit.


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If you are focusing on choosing your style purchases more wisely, buying preloved can really help the fashion industry become more sustainable.  Preloved selling or shopping are ways in which you can help.

We all fall in and out of love with garments a little too easy; if it’s an item you know you will not wear again then start by selling it yourself on eBay or consider using a dress agency.

As for finding those special new pieces… to own something unique… then consider preloved.





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