Spring outfits – You don’t always have to buy new and some outfits don’t even need a refresh. Scroll through your social media or your photo album of Spring last year and find some favourite outfits of old and get wearing them again for this Spring season.

Loved them then, you’ll love them now!

I find women apologise for repeating or feel they have to state that something is ‘old’ – let’s be honest, I bet nothing is really that old in your wardrobe, and if it is… it’s now vintage and you should proud of owning it!

As we start to head out shopping from next week; take time this weekend to understand what you truly need for the season ahead; be considered on all your new purchases, avoid splurging just because you’ve been released from lockdown.

A new item of any type needs to compliment your personal style, fit in with what you already own and most importantly, you should be buying because you need it.

Here’s a selection of outfits I’ll be wearing on repeat this Spring, all items I have had for while  – they are easy to style and I never get bored of wearing them. I hope you find this inspirational for items you already own yourself.

PLeather shacket x lilac leopard print

I wore this leopard print dress a lot last Spring, at first I wore it with my denim jacket but then when I bought my pleather shacket they just made the perfect combo.

I wear this outfit A LOT – the confidence it gives me is out of this world; I feel right at home in this outfit – which is what personal style is all about.

Style tip: Shackets over dresses look best when you tie the waist to give you shape


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Army Jacket X UITRA Delicate Dress

I love a hard durable fabric against a soft floaty fabric of a dress or skirt. I wore this style a lot last year… it’s not quite warm enough just yet but as soon as it is, THIS will be my go to outfit for any brunch or lunch dates I have with girlfriends.

It’s an outfit that’s ooze style but I hardly have to think about it – it’s a ‘throw it on and rush out the door’ kind of outfit.

Style tip: Just add dangling earrings!


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I absolutely love wearing this shirt and jean combo when I work-from-home; so this is an easy one for me if I need to rush out quickly or if I am entertaining at home.

Simple yet affective because the shirt adds a lot of interest to a simple pair of jeans.  Again jewellery really helps here, by layering necklaces, a few gold bangles and some earrings it looks like I’ve made a lot of effort when really I haven’t.  The shirt + jewellery is doing all the work for me.

Style tip: Because the shirt is worn loose, opt for tighter jeans to help with the silhouette of the outfit.


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It’s cold in England in spring time; there is no way of getting round it – I’ve found wearing pleather leggings under my floral dresses really add interest and yet keeps me warm.

I personally think this look works best with trainers, it’s a great stylish yet practical vibe – perfect for days when you are running errands, meeting up for coffee, supermarket run and the school run.

Style tip: Due to the longer length of the dress with the leggings, I would opt for a trench coat or long overcoat with this look


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I’ve had this kimono a good few years and I’ve worn it many ways, but this look from August 2019, is my favourite way to wear it.

I found the lace worked so much better underneath than a plain cotton t-shirt that I had been wearing. The extra depth and texture works well with the floral.

This kimono is actually a dress, yet I’ve only worn it once as a dress. Any shirt dress that has buttons all the way down the front can be worn kimono style – you’ll be surprised just how easy you can elevate a top/jean combo by adding a shirt style dress over it – give it a go if you’ve never tried it.

Style tip: Don’t be afraid to take a second pair of footwear when you are out & about; I often have trainers or flats to quickly change into if I have to do a quick sprint around a supermarket and then I’m back in heels for a lunch date – no one needs to know!


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  1. Liz Evans
    March 25, 2023 / 10:28 am

    Fabulous styling inspiration

    • lovedbylizzi
      March 26, 2023 / 5:22 pm

      Thank you Liz!

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