The Zara Dress – That’s Now A Skirt

Sometimes you just have to accept that what you first bought may need to change. I loved this dress from the first time I saw it – I loved the pattern, I loved the shape and as always, I love a dress.

Loved By Lizzi

And so I placed my order, collected in store and then headed home to try it on. Now I’m not going to lie to you, it needed a bit of tweaking for me around the bust line, but that’s no different to other dresses I’ve previously owned, however after one wash it just wouldn’t fit.

And so thanks to my mother-in-law the idea of a skirt was born, I was a little unsure at first as I really loved the dress, and I’m less a skirt person at the best of times – but she assured me that I would wear it far more as a skirt and get more value-for-money and that’s not a bad thing to be having!

For Work

Here’s me at the beginning of the week, this is a typical OOTD post I use on my Instagram. Here due to the really bad weather we have been having, I teamed it up with a slimline black polo, my hair up and black stilettos – it’s a great office look that I will be able to play around with a lot.

Loved By Lizzi

For Rest

Here’s my look today, light shopping with a lovely walk through the park. I’ve not had the chance to wear my hat much this year (need more sunshine, please) – I love how a hat can dress down this look. The simple white tee is always a good starting point too for a relaxed vibe.

Loved By Lizzi

For Play

Friday was a shopping and lunch date with one of my nieces, we headed for Westfield London and after a healthy lunch we started shopping. The skirt was a great choice as I didn’t want to opt for jeans, and a dress possibly could have been a little OTT. Flat sandals and my bucket bag made shopping super easy.

Loved By Lizzi

And so this brings me back to a post I wrote a few months ago, about the essential need to find a good seamstress – they can be such an important part of maintaining your wardrobe, getting the most out of your purchases, helping you to transform, to reinvent and to get your creative juices flowing.

A shrunk dress could have ended up at the charity shop or simply at the back of my wardrobe for some time, but thanks to a bit of chopping off and some stitching, here are three fabulous looks that I will be continuing to wear for the next few months.

The only drawback I’m experiencing is now every time I open my wardrobe I’m thinking, what else can I change… Oops!

Loved By Lizzi

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