The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg

A few months ago a great programme came to an end on the E channel; House of DVF.  The show was about a group of young woman who were going to be whittled down to just the one, and she was going to be DVF’s Brand Ambassador for the year.

As with all these reality programmes; we are all more interested in the “behind the scenes” rather than being concerned about who is actually going to win!  Surprisingly we got to see Diane von Furstenberg in the programme more than I was anticipating – and as a result I found her quite interesting – this got me keen to read her latest book: The Woman I Wanted To Be.

A powerful title, and actually quite a powerful story that goes with it!

She’s a daughter of a Belgium Holocaust survivor, and she tells her story under two main headings; The Woman I Am and The Business of Fashion.  I found that the format of her autobiography much better than others I’ve read – sometimes the childhood era can go on for far too long.  Diane does go into some depth, but she keeps these early years to a minimum.

I was surprised about how open she was about the affairs she’s had in her life, referring to herself frequently  as “a man living in a woman’s body”.  Fiercely independent and has a tendency to over-indulge herself in her latest fad – she’s not always had it easy in life.  For a woman who has built a business on a title as a Princess and who has lost her fortune more than once – whilst I have some admiration for her, I’ve not really finished the book thinking “I wish I had her life!”.

A very interesting read! 

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