Denim Utility Boilersuit

As early as late summer I had started to see numerous posts on my Instagram feed for light coloured utility boilersuits, and as a lover of jumpsuits I thought this is a great new twist on one of my favourite garments. So I started to keep my eye out on what was on the highstreet.

Early November I went to Stylist Live and saw this gorgeous denim utility boilersuit on the catwalk from ASOS, as soon as I saw it I said to my friend ‘that has Lizzi written all over it!‘ When I got home I was straight online, however something stopped me, something about it wasn’t quite for me.

Shopping in December the week before Christmas (a week I ban myself from buying ANYTHING – it’s an absolute no, no! Well you don’t know what you are getting for Christmas and the sales start Boxing Day) I spotted this denim utility boilersuit in store at Topshop and straight away I knew this is the one – I liked the zip, I liked the colour blue of the denim, but most importantly for me, as an hourglass, it had a belt.

It didn’t go down in the sales, but a shopping trip with hubby and a firm nod from him that he liked it as much as me, I didn’t care!


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Denim Utility Boilersuit
Denim Utility Boilersuit
Denim Utility Boilersuit


  • Decide on your own style – denim, corduroy, woven fabric like polyester or viscose – each type of fabric will offer you a different vibe
  • What fabric and colourway you purchase will determine where you can wear it – i.e. a Black viscose fabric you could wear to the office, my own denim utility boilersuit probably not unless the dress code is quite liberal (even if they let you wear jeans)
  • Utility boilersuits are exactly the same as jumpsuits – wear them with heels, boots or trainers
  • Depending on the thickness of the material this will determine how you wear your outerwear – I teamed mine with my brown teddy coat and draped it over my shoulders
  • If the fabric is light and flowy then you could wear an oversized blazer to elevate a more stylish look
  • Don’t forget you can add garments underneath, the options are endless – lace vests, logo t-shirts (as you can have the zip much lower to show it off or a plain polo-neck!
  • On a denim or corduroy have a play with accessories – like badges on the chest pockets like you do with a denim jacket, a skinny scarf, change the belt to a leather option
  • And if you are wearing a skinny scarf, glam the look up with big earrings
  • Your accessories DO NOT have to colour match, they just need to complement 
  • For a more dress-down version of the utility boilersuit then don’t wear the belt

Denim Utility BoilersuitDenim Utility Boilersuit

Denim Utility Boilersuit

I just want to touch on the thickness of this Topshop utility boilersuit, it is quite thick, I’d say on par with a typical denim jacket thickness. With years of ownership on many types of denim garments, particularly skirts and dresses, I find I prefer a thicker denim – they last longer and they don’t lose their shape which you certainly don’t want that on a jumpsuit (especially around the bum!) that would not be flattering! 



Denim Utility Boilersuit


Sizing is true to size


Flare boilersuit with patch pockets in midwash blue


Topshop are offering corduroy utility boilersuits is various colours but you will need to be quick as these have been popular and there are odd sizes on different colours.

Corduroy Boilersuit



Rust Contrast Stitch Utility Boiler Jumpsuit

Was £34.99, now £7.00


Vertical Striped Boilersuit


A great one for the office!

For things slightly wild… weekend vibe…. upcoming holidays – this could be just fabulous!


Milla Animal Utility Jumpsuit


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