Tali Tipped Trench Coat by Phase Eight worn by Lizzi Richardson
Tali Tipped Trench Coat as worn by Lizzi Richardson

I’m excited to showcase the new season Trench Coat edit by Phase Eight; trying Tali from their new SS21 trench coats collection. Read on for more about this gorgeous coat, I’m also sharing tips on buying and styling them and the Phase Eight edit includes both new season along with a few currently in the sale.

The trench coat and how to style them have featured on my blog since 2012; every year the same but every year something slightly different about the design or how to wear. I noticed the last time I wore a trench coat was 2018, somehow I fell out of love of this classic – which is normal. We all do this from time to time; we can tire of our investment pieces and possibly get distracted by other types of new season coats.

Over the years I’ve learnt that a trench coat is an investment piece; I’ve bought the cheaper ones, loved them until that first shower when they don’t actually protect you from it! Silly other nuisances too; the belts are so flimsy they don’t actually tie properly or ‘bend’ in the middle which then makes your look, tired and not so crisp. Another is the buttons, this is one of the design features of a trench and yet cheaper alternatives don’t quite put as many or they miss the detailing on the shoulder, which is the essence of a trench coat.

Designed for men at war, this lighter, breathable coat is specially designed to be waterproof and practical in the rain – the longer length is a personal choice, I’ve found over the years I like mine to stop at the knee. Woman have adopted this classic androgynous style made famous by Katherine Hepburn and not forgetting the sassy Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (I’m beginning to think we should rename the trench coat to the ‘Hepburn’ coat!) – whilst I may have fallen out of love, I think I have now fallen back in.

Tali Tipped Trench Coat was given to me by Phase Eight as part of my SS21 coverage on fashion and styling for the blog; after a quick steam from my held-held steamer and all the unbuttoning and unbelting, she was on and I’ve hardly taken her off since she arrived. Tali is perfect for that quick grab-and-go lighter coat you need in Spring when you are dashing here and there. She’s been around the supermarket and she also very comfy to drive in too – practical, yet I feel uber stylish with making no effort at all. I typically wear Trench coats open, but when you are not quite in the mood to face the world, I’ve buttoned and belted up!


Trench Coat white as worn by LIzzi Richardson
Designed for men at war, this lighter, breathable coat is specially designed to be waterproof and practical in the rain

“I typically wear Trench coats open, but when you are not quite in the mood to face the world, I’ve buttoned and belted up!”



  • Make sure it fits you properly on your shoulders, unless you’ve specifically opted for an oversized design-fit.
  • When trying them on, do all the buttons up and fasten the belt, ensure it looks fabulous from all angles when it’s completely done up.
  • Take length into consideration – we are not all the same height or size, so really have a good look at where it finishes on the leg – ‘Is that the most flattering length for you?’ Be honest with yourself.
  • Check the label that it is actually shower-proof; you won’t have to worry with premium brands but with highstreet the quality can vary and pricing may not necessarily indicate whether it will or will not, so check!
  • Consider adding a silk scarf (not wool), particular if you are going for beige it’s a good way to add some colour, and to mix up your look
  • This practical coats offers a huge amount of versatility, wear it with trainers or for dinner out with and LBD and the highest of heels you can walk in!
  • Trench coats look amazing over floral dresses, that pop of print and colour can add a wow factor to your outfit
  • The trench coat is also perfect companion to the hoodie, I wrote about this duo a couple of years ago and given our current situation and our need to remain/move on from loungewear you might find this is worth a revisit.
Phase Eight Tali Trench Coat is shower proof
Phase Eight Tali Trench Coat | The perfect transitional coat for Spring



Tali Tipped Trench Coat

Tabatha Trench Coat

STUDIO 8 – Tabatha Trench Coat (Available up to size 26)

Sustainably Sourced Lacey Long Biker Coat



Prices and availability correct at time of publishing

Lise Trench Coat – Was £189, Now £119

Tabatha Trench Coat – Was £159, Now £99

Sainte Short Trench Coat – Was £149, Now £74.50

Lacea Biker Coat – Was £169, Now £109





  1. March 27, 2021 / 7:05 am

    Excellent article Lizzi . The Tali Tipped Trench is the perfect trench style for me – the current fixation with over sized trenches is not for everyone and does nothing for me . The cut of the Tali will last forever as it’s an absolute classic .
    Really enjoyed reading the background to the trench and , as always , your honest styling advice is invaluable .

    • lovedbylizzi
      March 27, 2021 / 9:14 am

      Thank you so much Katherine, I am pleased you enjoyed the blogpost. Lizzi x

  2. Tracey Lawson
    April 18, 2021 / 1:14 pm

    Great article & advice Lizzi , interesting reading about the history of the Trench x

    • lovedbylizzi
      April 20, 2021 / 7:35 am

      I am so pleased you enjoyed it, thank you Tracey!

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