Topshop Long Sleeve Mesh Midi Dress


I was at the hairdressers getting a blow dry and this young lady walked in wearing this gorgeous black mesh dress – it just oozed sophistication and first impressions from a distance it looked really expensive; but she left before I got the chance to ask the typical “where did you get that from?” question. And so I found myself on the hunt for it and after a good look around the highstreet I had no joy; so I took my search to Instagram, keeping a beady eye on anything black! A few days later I spotted it on IGTV – I think I must have played the video 100 times to reassure myself that ‘it’ was the one.

Firstly I couldn’t quite believe I found it, and then I could not believe that it was Topshop and it was only £29 – I mean seriously that’s the price of a top! I hit the ‘add to bag’ button without any hesitation but deep down until it arrived I wasn’t getting my hopes up; well you see the website photo simply does not do it justice, in fact I would even say my own photos don’t show it as good as it actually is – but it’s definitely the one!

If you have a warm skintone like me, it’s suggested that you should avoid black – especially as I am a deep Autumn. Well I am of the opinion that mesh, sheer or lace in black works perfectly fine and that’s because you can see my warm skintone through the fabric. An all black look, especially in the summer can be very chic, and this dress makes me feel stylish and yet if you look at the accessories I’ve added you could not really get much plainer, but it works. I wore this yesterday (Saturday) to brunch with five other gorgeous ladies and I felt really put together with next to no effort.


Topshop Long Sleeve Mesh Midi Dress


One little tip!

Now you can probably see (well I hope you can) that the under slip finishes at the knee, this is giving you a soft and light feel to keep you cool, yet keeping you covered if you don’t fancy a shorter hemline. Well it’s not that hot at the moment and I found that even the area that had the slip was still very sheer and the fabric is so light you don’t feel quite ‘covered’ so I have added my own full slip that finishes at the same point as an underdress; this has made me feel a little more supported and covered during this fresh Spring weather – now that’s not to say I’ll be doing this when it get hot, hot, hot!


How to style it

First up I’ve styled it here with what I would call a Chanel vibe – using the tweed of the bag to add more texture to my look. I am continuing with my love of flat mules and as it was a brunch with the girls I’ve softened by look by wearing my hair up.

If I didn’t want such a all-black finish then you could add white trainers – I would probably opt for my Guess white trainers as the charms would add to the sophisticated look and be less ‘dress down’


Guess Charm White Trainers
@Lovedbylizzi – Photo by Sarah Rider Photography



Or you can easily style this up by adding a pop of colour with some sandals, like these coral vintage style sandals (also from Topshop, may I add!) which I’ve not blogged about but they have featured on my Instagram squares. And the STRIPPY Heeled Sandals are back in stock!

Team this either with a matchy-matchy coral clutch bag or I personally would probably opt for either a straw style clutch (possibly jewelled to add more sparkle) or a metallic clutch that tones in well with the jewellery I would also add. I tend to keep my jewellery simple during the day and then I seem to dial it all the way up to 10 on a night out! It just makes me feel uber glam.


Topshop STRIPPY Heeled Sandals


Where to wear it?

OMG! This dress is so versatile!

  • Wear it to brunch with girlfriends
  • Wear it on date night with boyfriend or hubby
  • Go shopping in it
  • Travel in it on holiday – you will be super comfy and arrive super stylish
  • That city break where you need to travel light…. so far I’ve had no issues with creases – in fact I don’t think I even ironed it when it arrived in the post!
  • In the last few days of your beach holiday, after you have worn it as described by any of the above – downgrade to beach cover up when you have to head to lunch (and pretend to not be in swimwear!)



This blog contains affiliate links as I am an AWIN member and have joined the Topshop affiliates programme. By clicking on the links in this post I will have the potential to earn commission on purchases. You will not be charged for this and will only pay the RRP.


Topshop – Long Sleeve Mesh Midi Dress – £29

And if you are not keen on black and would prefer some other neutral colour choice they also have it in Blush or Ochre too.


opshop Long Sleeve Mesh Midi Dress




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