My passion for Instagram is due to the consistent inspiration on styling. These fabulous style influencers share their style rules for 2023.

I love following them, I hope you enjoy their advice and go seek them out on Instagram for more style inspiration.

@wagdoll – Bridget

Digital creator of over 40 style – Lover of chic & classy neutrals


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My style rule for 2023 is having conviction of your own style. Follow your own style journey and wear what you love.

It’s very easy to be swayed by trends and other people’s style especially on social media, but wear the looks that suit you personally and that you love … on you! ❤️

My three style words for 2023 are chic, elegance and longevity.

For more style inspiration, follow Bridget on Instagram at @wagdoll

@thatgirlwiththebob – Maria

Digital creator of styling tips & inspo; mixing small brands, preloved & the high st with my wardrobe. Classics with edge, dress & skirt lover.

My style rule for 2023: To focus on dressing for me, my style and my figure – not being swayed by what’s ‘in’ but sticking to my 3 style words. I’ll still be trying new styles and looks but always keeping these words in my mind.

My three style words for 2023 are:

  1. Confident – only wearing & buying things that make me look and feel confident – i.e. not falling into the trap of buying things I love the look of but don’t work on my pear shaped figure, meaning I’m constantly conscious of my hips etc.
  2. Mindful – to actively continue shopping and buying preloved pieces. To adapt what I have, to bring it up to date and to learn more about sustainable fabrics and brands and to focus on these.
  3. Chic + Edgy – I know this is technically two words but the two go hand-in-hand for me. I always love a ‘put together look’ but the rock chick in me will always edge it up in some way; be that with accessories, boots or shoes, or clothing detailing.

For more style inspiration, follow Maria on Instagram at @thatgirlwiththebob

@remy_wondersandwishes – Remy

Digital creator of fashion, beauty & lifestyle.  45+ years young & a keen day-dreamer 💫


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My style rule for 2023: Buy less and wear more of what I have. In other words a sustainable wardrobe😜  The reason behind it is – I have promised myself to save money and use inspiring ways to create a fresh look from the clothes that I already have.

My three style words for 2023 are mix & match, smart casual and street style.

For more style inspiration, follow Remy on Instagram at @remy_wondersandwishes

@seenonsarah – Sarah

Digital creator of fashion content, covering affordable luxury with beautiful brands & indie labels; plus Beauty & Travel too✨



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My style rule for 2023: “buy less, buy better and wear more” I am focusing on curating a core wardrobe of wearable, luxury classics in beautiful neutrals.

My three style words for 2023 are:

  1. Affordable – With the cost of living crisis, we all need to focus on where we’re spending our budget – whatever that budget may be. I make my budget go further by shopping preloved on sites like eBay and Vestiaire Collective (where I save searches for items I am looking to source, long term, for my wardrobe). I also resell clothes I no longer wear, as well as giving to charity. And for 2023 I also plan on starting to rent out some of my wardrobe via Hurr Collective and I’ll be using this revenue to fund new season pieces.
  2. Wearable – Too often, I find we shop for the lifestyle we wish we had, and not the one we actually live! I’ve taken a long, hard look at my life and the reality is that I live in the countryside and work from home, so 80% of my time I’m super casually dressed. The magpie in me loves glamorous, party wear but my lifestyle is more cashmere jumpers than sequin jumpsuits… that’s where I’ll be spending my clothes budget.
  3. Luxury – The pieces I find work the most hard for me, day in, day out, year on year, are undoubtedly beautiful accessories which elevate any outfit. They don’t have to be designer, but reach for the best quality you can and invest in classic colours. My number one tip is to to buy the best black handbag you can afford and NEVER sell your luxury accessories – I’ve always ended up regretting it! I would also advise anyone to invest in nude heels and a matching bag which will work across every outfit and season.

For more style inspiration, follow Sarah  on Instagram at @seenonsarah

@allthingszanne – Zanne

Digital creator of style staples of fashion, 40+ Beauty, Skincare & Health, plus those all important lifestyle finds 💫

My style rule for 2023: To opt for timeless, classic pieces of the best quality which I’ll wear forever. I want to feel confident and comfortable in what I wear so that I can get on with the day ahead. In 2022, I kept reaching for simple, classic style staples often in monochrome and those were the days I was most productive.

My three style words for 2023 are timeless, effortless & quality.

For more style inspiration, follow Zanne on Instagram at @allthingszanne

@mogzee_m – Morag

Digital creator of sharing style, old & new. If it’s fun I’m in 🙌 & never say never 😝


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My style rule for 2023: Style one item many ways! I’ve been terrible in the past, I’ll buy a dress and wear with heels and heels only ! But 2022 saw me re-wearing that same dress but styling it differently with say sneakers, boots and using accessories to wear across more seasons. I plan  to continue doing this, making my wardrobe work more for me.

My three style words for 2023 are:

  1. Fun – life is fun I want to wear more adventurous prints and colours.
  2. Rewear – I have a collection of beautiful clothes old and new that I want to re-wear and re-style.
  3. Quality – I think if something is well made and good quality, I will wear it more, appreciate it more and I buy less.

For more style inspiration, follow Morag on Instagram at @mogzee_m

@kasia_beyourstyle – Kasia

Feel Good Image Consultant – Time to dress the woman you are today, giving permission to feel good. From underwhelmed to dressing your magic with ease & colour.

My style rule for 2023: to be DISCERNING – Seeking sophistication yet making conscious fashion choices. Deciding if every trend is for me. Ensuring my top brands are ethical. Plus looking at what am I communicating through my outfits, to others and to myself.

My three style words for 2023 are:

  1. Refined – in style, quality of fabrics and silhouette (to suit my body shape).
  2. Committed – in terms of style evolution, taking the time to style the woman I am, to style up my early 50s
  3. Consistent – in my effort to feel and look good daily; style needs to fit in with a lifestyle – I live by the seaside leading an outdoor lifestyle with two sons and a dog; the weather is not an excuse to slack.

For more style inspiration, follow Kasia on Instagram at @kasia_beyourstyle

@ginamkstyle – Gina

Digital creator of style – showcasing colorful, confident styles with an ageless attitude. This is #58


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My style rules for 2023:

  • Put myself in the picture – I clip, save and capture for inspiration but this sometimes sways my style into a direction that is less me and more them. Spending more time looking in MY mirror means my style is always a reflection of me.
  • Suit your shape – Oversized was big (no pun intended) in 2022 but a difficult silhouette to work with. I am tossing away oversized for tailored pieces that flatter my shape and suit my style. Anything left gets belted.
  • Fit is everything – Fit across brands is mayhem. I have spent money altering items because I loved them because it didn’t fit out of the box. With so many brands to love, finding one that fits will save me money and frustration.

My three style words for 2023 are:

  1. Freedom – the power to act, speak or think as one wants without restraint. In 2023 I am looking forward to trying new things and stretching my boundaries. Shedding old habits and developing new ones. Breaking rules and never looking back.
  2. Duality – masculine & feminine, street & evening wear, new & vintage, high & low…the notion of hybrid dressing means more creativity and my style choices are more about what I love and less about myself or my style fitting neatly into a box or the rules of how and what goes together. Finding this balance is going to be fun.
  3. Sexy – The over 40 (in my case over 50) women is bringing sexy back in a way that reflects her awareness of her body and her “wear don’t care” attitude. I am embracing my age and flaunting it with a confidence and pride that says “I will not go quietly into the night” with strapless tops, backless dresses, flattering fit, and red lipstick. Everyone’s “sexy” may look different – the point is to find it and be it.

For more style inspiration, follow Gina on Instagram at @ginamkstyle


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