The slogan tee and a little lippy…

I love slogans and mottos!

Instagram and Facebook are full of them, everyone sharing and liking it can sometimes feel that all things have been said and then someone powers through with another one!  Typical are Chanel quotes, fashion statements and not forgetting WELL-BEING mantras!

Well I’ve jumped onto this ship and here’s mine, MOVE ON, DREAM BIG.  I needed this tee the moment I saw it in H&M; I stood in the middle of store saw the mannequin wearing it and said to my sister-in-law Sadie, I need this tee! Within less than five minutes I had tried on and it was purchased!


I’m wearing it here with my new Spring jacket from Zara – not quite such a quick purchase! I think I tried on over 20 jackets over a few weeks, and after a shopping spree with Sadie and then a trip to Nottingham with Annie & Kat, I finally settled on this, and I love it!  Dress it up or wear it casual it’s perfect for this time of year where it’s not quite yet warm enough to go without and we all want to ditch that winter feeling!!

In Nottingham, I went into a Kiko beauty store, my original intention was to purchase a new lipgloss from M&S by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, her new range didn’t really inspire me and after trying a few I decided it wasn’t for me.

Kiko (Make Up Milano) was like a sweetie shop for women; shelves and shelves of make-up in rainbows of colour and all at very reasonable prices.  My purchase below is Creamy Lipgloss 113, the same shade as my new tee – it looks fabulous on!

And so you see with a great slogan on a tee priced £7.99 and some new lippy at £4.99, you can update your look and how you feel with hardly spending a penny.

A coupe of tips for selecting a tee with a message on it; people will ask you questions, you can’t get mad at them for that, you’ve made a statement so you need to own it!  The other thing to watch out for is how it could be apt, I have a She Died Of Beauty tee that has a slogan on it of “She Died Of Individuality” now if someone else had rocked up to whatever venue I was wearing it at, not really unique!!

Here’s one from Juicy Couture “Stay Glam” a little over-priced at £80! – Juicy Couture

One for Chanel loves, of course! Although I think I’m loving the gold clothes hanger more!!
£14.02 plus shipping

For this one, I would prefer to change the order to Diamonds, Champagne and then Lipstick!

And just in case you did want to copy me 😉

She Died Of Beauty

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