Well it’s New Years Eve 2020 – and what a year it has been. We’ve all been living in loungewear and PJs or has it actually been more stylish than we think?

I’m sharing a few of my simple outfits that I wear repeatedly and unapologetically this winter – well if it ain’t broke, why change it?


Leopard Print Jumper

This jumper dress can be worn with just thick opaque tights or with faux-leather legging – I love it either way, but there must always be chunky black boots!


Outfit two

Black polo neck jumper and knee high boots

This is a good example of what I’ve pretty much worn in December, and how you can quickly elevate it if you need to pop somewhere. Black polo neck jumpers and knee high boots are a must this winter.



Colour over all black

I have worn a lot of all black outfits and that’s okay – I’m at home pretty much all the time at the moment, and black outfits allow my creativity to flow. If I am popping out, I throw on this purple coat as it adds a little cheerfulness when I wear my face mask or I would look like a ninja!! LOL 🙂


Outfit Four

And when I am not wearing all black, I seem to have opted for grey jeans and cosy high-neck sleeveless knits. The sleeveless knit has been such a trooper at home, as it keeps you lovely and snug even then the heating is off.


It’s important for your own mental health to wear what you want to wear – whether that’s loungewear to be comfy and warm whilst at home or if you need to dress up in all the sparkle to get some cheerfulness into your day.

We are on the other side of winter now, so keep wearing all your lovely outfits (over and over again to get that cost per wear) and start to think about what you would love to be wearing come Spring, as it’s not that far now in the distance, I’m excited by it!

Goodbye 2020, and I am looking forward to a super stylish 2021.

Come join me,

love, Lizzi x


Key Pieces I’m Currently Wearing



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