The little black (faux) leather biker jacket for £35!

The biker jacket is a classic and a staple for every woman’s wardrobe nowadays – The two biggest decisions you need to make is how much you are going to spend? And are you going to go real or faux leather?

It sounds quite simple doesn’t it and yet I have mulled over these two question for a good couple of months now – You see I am not sure if I truly want this jacket in my life, I’m not the biggest fan and when I buy I like to invest for the right reasons, and to me after a lot of researching there are three price-points; over £300 or £75-£150 and then around £50.

The over £300 is leather, and for the most part you are getting a modern style with gorgeous leather a pure dream, at the lower end it’s clearly faux leather and the quality of faux leather over the last few years as really improved, I’ll be honest sometimes I can’t tell the difference unless I smell it! And then there’s the mid-point – this I believe now has no value for money for any of us; this category is a mix of real and faux, the designs are not necessary that fabulous or stylish and the quality is not guaranteed, it’s here you could truly make a really bad purchasing decision.

Black Leather Jacket

I talked to two hairdressers that I know, who wear biker jackets day in, day out – in fact I rarely see them without them – they’ve had cheap ones and expensive ones and both without a doubt will now only buy AllSaints, truly tested and they love them, but the price-point you may not – most are in excess of £300.

Armed with this information, I decided to wait to Black Friday for my deal, sadly no deal happened on these AllSaints biker jackets.  So I waited for New Year and the price whilst it did drop, it just didn’t drop enough on the style I liked to make it a good sale for me – it’s clear to me that with the reputation they have, they do not need to sell them heavily discounted and why should they, if they are so desirable.
With all this non-activity I decided to go faux leather and see what I could get for around the £50 price-point. And I found one, a true bargain! (#whoopwhoop) After trying on countless jackets from lots of high street brands; touching and feeling and ultimately the actual fit I got there with this £34.99 gorgeous touchy…feely black number from H&M! 

I wouldn’t hang around though if you’re keen on this, I had to go to at least two stores to get my size, and the assistance said they are selling fast, and I am not surprised at all, as I checked the tag a few times to see if I was reading it correctly!

My spec of jacket I couldn’t find online at H&M, you see mine has a cream lining and not the double zips, but they do have this one online at the same price of £34.99. If you wish to match mine, then it looks like you’ll need to head in store. I needed to size up one size so I would suggest whichever route you go to do the same.

Biker Jacket

If you fancy some other options…

It was no good for me, as sometimes I need Petite, I accidentally tried this one on in Topshop from their TALL range, lovely jacket, sizing was fine – however it was all a little too long for me! Fabulous jacket, great price too!

TALL Daze Biker Jacket

I saw this one in Zara, I didn’t try on because for my hourglass bodyshape the belt would not look great at my waistline making me look heavier than I am, but if you have straight or even an inverted triangle bodyshape, this would suit you well. It felt lovely to touch, and with the reduced price point I think you are getting a good price for a leather item.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Was £99.99, Now £59.99

Whilst out and about I did notice that red leather was featuring a lot in a few stores, I really liked this option from Oasis, they also do it in a light blue.

Faux Leather Lucy Biker Jacket


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