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Overpacking is not an option these days, here are the holiday essentials I used every day that were worth packing.

I wonder how many suitcases will be packed over the next couple of weeks – no doubt there will be a lot of self-doubt on the packing list as to whether or not you will really need it. No one is perfect and very few people, including stylists, get it 100% right – why?

Because you can have the best laid plans, you could have selected so many fabulous outfits, but when you get to a destination you never been to before, there are the local factors you need to flex on – such as; the heat, the mosquitos, whether they are casual or dressy, whether you need to be practical with footwear due to the many steps you will have to climb just to get to your Aperol Spritz!

And for me personally – the frizz factor of my hair! No amount of straighteners was going to calm the intensity of the humidity that my fine hair can cope with – it looked straight only if I stayed in my hotel room; and where is the fun in that?!

Here are the holiday essentials that I used daily, that definitely warranted space in the suitcase!


Whether it’s beachy, poolside or just a stroll to get a slice of pizza with a cold beer – these were a dream to wear!

I bought mine at London Gatwick Airport, they come in many colours, including Barbie Pink! I opted for black to go with my poolside ‘look’ and they are so comfy they are going to be my home sliders for the rest of summer.

I love the chunky sole which goes well with wide-leg trousers or they balance out high-waisted shorts really well too.



I love a sarong as it’s so useful as a travel accessory – I bought this a few days before flying away, and I used it all the time. On the flight, by the pool and also just to sit on when out & about as either the metal was too hot to sit in shorts or I found my legs stuck to the leather seats in taxis.

The pattern of this print caught my eye, it has a really lovely mediterranean feel (to help blend in with the locals) but that classic, monochrome vibe that you know will be timeless – and such a bargain at £19.50!

One I will continue to use over summer, it’s definitely not  just for the holidays!



This slimline cross-body ‘pouch’ bag – otherwise known as the bottle bag – is great for keeping all your precious items safe.

I used it daily for my wallet, hotel keys, iphone and even popped a bottle of water in it on one of my excursions where I needed to keep my hands free  – so handy and as it’s quite unisex in it’s design, you will find hubby doesn’t mind holding it either 🙂



Every holiday I take two to three pairs of sunnies, but what I find is (maybe it’s because I am feeling lazy) I just use the one pair!

These tortoiseshell classics where so on point for my trip, and I love the brown filter as it took the glare off my book and also gave a vintage feel to my vista from the lounger – I definitely felt in holiday mode with these on.

The bright orange case is not only more holiday vibes, but it folds too – saving space in your tote for all your either bits you need!



I decided to ditch my podcasts and audiobooks  for this holiday – I picked up a copy of ‘The Honeymoon’ for this break. This truly was a holiday essential for this summer – A ‘whodunnit’ that I didn’t guess right, but a page-turner nonetheless.

I highly recommend this light read for any time out this summer.



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