Lizzi Richardson at Bicester Village
Lizzi Richardson #ootd – a floral dress and her dupe clutch bag

My love of fashion is not just to buy, buy, buy – I love checking out the latest trends and working out, how I can achieve the same without just buying the real thing! For most of us, the designer options are far too expensive, you simply won’t get your ‘cost per wear’ and for some trends they are over before you know it. I’m fairly selective of what trends I choose to buy into, even more now that I’m really trying to avoid being caught up in a whirl of fast fashion. So my approach is looking at the style inspiration around me, whether that’s magazines, celebrities, Instagram or Pinterest and thinking – will that work for me?

One I am truly loving is The Pouch – a designer bag by Bottega Veneta, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with and so wish I could buy the real thing… but that’s not an option for me.

I have often opted for clutch bags as a day time look, there is something about it that just adds more glam to your overall outfit. And so I feel very comfortable adopting this trend but not the £1,730 price tag!

One of my own style idols is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a 32 year old English model and business woman, that has such a realistic off-duty look and her ‘office’ style is so on my wavelength – I’m often checking out what she is wearing. The Bottega Veneta pouch has been all over her Instagram, and I just knew I wanted to create and adopt a similar look this summer.



Bottega Veneta – The Pouch in Bianca – £1,730

Bottega Veneta - The Pouch
Bottega Veneta – The Pouch in Bianca




Instagram: @RosieHW


Instagram: @RosieHW


Instagram: @RosieHW


Instagram: @RosieHW


The Sheerluxe team recently showcased this inspiration by Rosie and they suggested taking the high street option of Zara. I’ve not been up close and personal with it, reason being is I have dismissed it quite quickly through looking at it online. I personally don’t feel it’s the right kind of dupe for me, but hey you may prefer this!

This Zara crossbody bag doesn’t have a detachable strap, so straight off you have to work out how to remove it and then you don’t have the versatility to put it back on should you then wish to have its original function. I’m also not keen on this quilted look plus it’s doesn’t look that big or squashy and so I’m just not feeling the vibe of this at all. It does come in other colours, but I only really like this cream version. Never say never, I may see it in store and change my mind!

Zara – Quilted Maxi Crossbody Bag – £29.99


Zara - Quilted Maxi Crossbody Bag
Zara – Quilted Maxi Crossbody Bag



And here’s my dupe, it’s not from the high street but from an independent online boutique called Kit and Kaboodal. I came across this brand via Instagram and earlier this year they asked me to do an Instagram campaign which involved their Tania Large Tote Bag; inside the tote bag is a matching pouch to enable you to put your important possessions, like your purse and keys, and there is a detachable strap that you can use either on the tote bag itself or on the pouch so it doubles up as a crossbody bag.

And it was this soft pouch that gave me the idea that I could use it as a clutch bag.  (I am always transparent on my blog and social media and so this Gold version featured in this blogpost has been gifted by Kit and Kaboodal).

Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch
Lizzi Richardson using Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch


Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch
Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch in Gold

The gold version is not currently available on their online store but both the nude and the tan are two alternative options to consider. Don’t forget for the price of £30 you get the large Tote bag which is ideal for shopping and the pouch which you can use in exactly the same way as me or as a crossbody – a very versatile item that you will get lots of use from. I am also really impressed with the softness and quality of the faux leather on both bags. I talk through this bag on my IGTV channel on my Instagram, so head there if you want to see more.

Kit and Kaboodal Tania Tote Large – £30


Kit and Kaboodal Tania Tote Large
Kit and Kaboodal Tania Tote Large


Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch
Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch



Kit and Kaboodal Tania Large Pouch
Lizzi Richardson at Bicester Village

Location: Bicester Village Shopping Centre






  1. August 4, 2019 / 6:41 pm

    I do love the pouch as well but spending over £1k for it is not an option. Loved your version and think the Zara gives me Chanel vibes instead

    • lovedbylizzi
      August 4, 2019 / 6:49 pm

      I agree! Yes I thought the Zara bag had some Chanel vibes going on… I plan to check it out in store later this week – you never know I may just change my mind! Thanks for commenting Majean. Lizzi x

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