The best Floral Dresses for this Winter ’17


I am so pleased that the midi and maxi floral dresses which is associated more for beachy summer holidays has been transformed for this winter – and it’s everywhere on the high street. And in typical Lizzi style, I feel like I’ve tried them all on, and so this post comes to you straight from the changing room. 

Now a few tips to get you started should you choose to invest in this trend…

Tip 1 – The floral pattern
Don’t be scared – Yes you can do this. Patterns especially floral can be quite daunting, so consider the following when choosing; 1) Do you like it? because if you don’t when you first see it, you never will. 2) Is the pattern in proportion to the scale of you? So if you are petite don’t go for super large flowers and vice-versa 

Tip 2 – The style of the dress
With a maxi dress, one of the most important considerations is your body shape; especially if you are pear or hour-glass then you really need to think about the waistline of the dress, it needs shape! I’ve tried on quite a few straight cut maxi’s and have had to accept the fact that whilst I love the colour and pattern, the dress simply doesn’t suit me, a straight cut are best for those who do not need to emphasise their waists.

Tip 3 – Avoid too much ‘floaty’
When you try the dress on, it’s important to look at yourself from behind and take a good look at how much excess material there is floating around. I’ve found you can look super slim from the front and then as soon as you look at yourself from the side and back, if there is too much material, it just makes you bigger – take the dress off and put it back – it is NOT for you sweetie.

Tip 4 – Be brave – turn up the colour factor
I truly mean this, have fun with colour – you can accessorise with black, navy or another neutral – a dominant colour, preferably one that suits your natural colouring will bring you so much more joy. Promise.

Tip 5 – You can wear this day-look everywhere
To work, to brunch or lunch, to shop in – it’s a versatile look that you don’t have to save for best… 

Tip 6 – Get yourself some chunky boots!
Another super trend this winter is chunky boots – I’m loving mine, only £29.99 from New Look and I’ve worn them lots already. More on that later in this post.


Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

H&M Green Dress


Dress – H&M – I’m sorry but this dress it’s not showing online at H&M – you can get this in store I’ve seen them in every H&M that I’ve been to over the last couple of weeks. I went one size down from my usual dress size I found this fitted me a lot better at the back.

Boots – New Look for £29.99 – Again there are not online but they are still in store as I saw them today!! I love the gold detailing and they truly are super comfy to wear – I’ve shopped in them for hours!


ZARA Dress


Dress – Zara
Boots – M&S – as featured in These burgundy boots are made for walking…’
Coat – Ted Baker – as featured in ‘One Ted Baker Camel Coat – Four Ways To Wear It

The dress fits lovely and is true to size. Easy care too, I’ve found it super easy to wash and no need for an iron!! Just my kind of dress. I do have to point out though that this dress has an open back – which so far as been fine for me, but I can’t wear it to work. I’m currently working on a solution for that, but until then this is a weekend only dress.

The open back

Other Floral Dresses to consider…

Patterned Dress

I’ve been looking online at this gorgeous dress, I’ve yet to see it in store to try on – this is definitely on my hit list, especially to go with my red boots!

I’ve tried quite a few from Zara…

Long crossover dress

Simply forget this one if you have a large bust line, this is a very deep V-front for a wrap dress – I did love the pattern, the material and even the skirt line as the hem comes up at the front, unfortunately this dress did not like me. I think if you are pear-shape with a small bust – this would be perfect for you!

Dress with bow at the neck

I really loved the fit of this one, it’s so similar to the purple dress above plus it has a closed back. Once I got it on, I was less keen on the colour and I found the floral pattern was too big for me too – it’s one to try on to see if it suits you.

Midi Dress with elastic waist

Now I think I am still considering this one, I bought it for a party but once it arrived and I tried it on, I just knew it would not be right for that event. With a head on to find the right dress I returned it. I saw it in store again over the weekend, and whilst I was a little concerned about the “little house on the prairie” look, there is something about it that I just love. May have to try this one on again!

I think this would be great for a family lunch… date night out for dinner…

Carnation Print Midi Dress

I love this pattern and Warehouse has chosen to use it for more than one garment. I really liked this dress on, I just can’t get away with the skirt for work, it’s a little too frilly, fabulous though for a weekend party. And in fairness to Warehouse they suggest it’s a weekend dress – I highly recommend a try on, as this pattern is simply gorgeous.


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