Lizzi Richardson drinking teapro green tea
Lizzi – Drinking Green Tea from Teapro

I met Tatajana one of the co-founding members of Teapro in September this year. It was very clear after starting a conversation on tea just how passionate Tatjana was for premium loose leaf tea and the techniques on how to brew the perfect cuppa. I explained to her how I have used tea, particularly peppermint, to help me with my weight loss journey this year. Read on to find out more about teapro and how you can get 20% off when you order.

I was delighted soon after our catch up to be given the chance to sample a teapro subscription box, and if I liked it, in return I could write about it on the blog. Well I was pretty impressed with this little box that arrived.

Every month you get the chance to try a different type of category of tea. The monthly subscription gives you the chance to explore and taste numerous different premium loose leaf teas, providing you a full global experience all in the comforts of your own home – in fact you don’t have to leave it at all because the box is delivered to you!

Your teapro tea discovery adventure will take you on a journey to taste different teas; we typically think of green tea, like the one I will be showing you in this blogpost; or another month you might try white tea, chaiwala or matcha – and even explore in the summer months the freshness of chilled fruit teas, like the ones below. Don’t they look exciting!!


teapro july fruit cooler box
teapro July’s fruit cooler box



The team at teapro will every month give you a brewing card – this will explain to you how to prepare the perfect cup of tea. So for example for my green tea, after selecting which one I would like to try, I add 2 teaspoons into my teapro infuser glass. I then add hot water at 85ºC (I can mix in cold water if it’s too hot) and then I leave it for about 2 mins, and if I would prefer it a little stronger, then I simply add the infuser back in for 30 second re-steep.


teapro brewing guide
teapro brewing guide



October’s box was green tea and in my tea discover adventure box I received the following:

  • Green tea brewing guide (this includes how my tea was processed, details of where green tea originates from, along with details of origin, flavour and alternative names for each of the four teas)
  • 20g Ya’An Yun Wu –  recommends 1 teaspoon at 85ºC for 2 minutes
  • 12g Organic Monkey Tea – recommends 1 teaspoon at 70ºC for 3 minutes
  • 20g Organic Dragon Well – recommends 1 teaspoon at 85ºC for 3 minutes
  • 20g Organic Gyokuro – recommends 1 teaspoon at 65ºC for 2 minutes
  • A card that denotes the tea discovery adventure that teapro will take you on for the next 12 months
  • A sticker for the card so that you can mark off ‘shades of green’ tea category
  • A premium 3 piece tea infuser glass


Teapro Premium loose tea subscription
What was in my green tea monthly subscription box



It’s not always easy to know what to get loved ones for Christmas, but what I do often recommend, especially to husbands buying for their wives is to think about subscription gifts – this is the type of gift that keeps on giving every month! I think it’s a great way as they don’t get their gift all at once – and you usually find it will pop through the door on a day that you can kind of do with some self-loving!

So if you have a tea loving friend or family member then you’ve got a couple of options you could consider for them, a 12 month subscription or a gift card where you can purchase one, two or three months giving them a chance to try teapro.

Green Tea
The perfect brew that I made!



The Green Tea subscription box was gifted to me by Teapro in exchange for this blogpost. Readers of Loved By Lizzi have been offered a 20% off offer, read on for more details on this.



TEA DISCOVERY ADVENTURETeapro are offering all Loved By Lizzi readers 20% off!

You have three ways you can use it too:

  • You can get 20% off your first month’s subscription fee at £24 per month
  • 20% off one individual box at £29 (this item includes a 3 piece glass infuser)
  • Or if you prefer to just buy loose tea and teapro’s accessories, then you get 20% when you spend a minimum of £20

Shipping to the UK and Europe is free

To get 20% off any of the above, simply use promotion code: teapro20lizzi



Then follow Tatjana and Tom on their own Teapro journey, by following them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


Teapro Green Tea
Teapro October’s Green Tea



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