Dune Loupe Tan Sandals

There’s one thing about social media, if something kicks off (pardon the pun) then it can really fly! The Hermes Oran Sandals has been doing the circuit on Instagram as the ‘must have’ tan sandal for this summer. At a mere £485 what’s not to love? Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it’s a fantastic leather sandal with a beautiful finish, I actually really love the design. 

But let’s not forget our behaviours, there is bound to be something this exciting next summer too.

We are seeing more and more, that no sooner a designer item becomes trendy the high street kicks in! And to no surprise we now have two very strong contenders, and I tried them both out, and this is what I have to say.


Hermes Paris
Oran Sandal

Tan Sandals


Loupe – Tan
Smart Slider Sandal

These are so similar I can’t quite believe they can get away with it – but at £80 they are so much cheaper to invest in this kind of design. I tried them on and found them very narrow, I don’t usually have a problem with width but I couldn’t get my foot in at all on my size, so I sized up and whilst I could get my fit in, as you will see below, they were tight! After handling them I felt underwhelmed, yes they are a nice sandal, but I didn’t feel they were worth £80. 

There are other colours too – black, white, orange, pink and turquoise, whilst the fit may not be any better, maybe the other colours may make this more appealing. 

Dune Loupe Tan Sandals


Leather Crossover Sandal

Well good old Zara, it’s not exactly the same, but hey it very similar! They are a leather upper and I really liked the finish of the silver label and heel detail. I also preferred the colour of the tan, these felt to me far more premium to look at.

Again my usual size just wasn’t quite big enough (you need to take into account heat when you are buying a summer shoe). When I returned them today in store they didn’t have the next size up, but I do plan to try them. I thought they were lovely and I genuinely preferred them to the Dune sandals – it’s a 10/10 from me.

They too come in other colours, red and a light blue – I will be sticking with the tan.

Tan Sandals

Lizzi Richardson

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