It’s that time of year, like you get around February-March time, where we are not quite in one season or the next; some of this is to do with the great British weather and oh hasn’t that been interesting throughout August!

At the start of summer we would have all invested in some new key pieces for our holidays or perhaps to freshener up our work wear; regular readers of Loved By Lizzi will know I am always keen to get as much wear out of my investments whilst staying on trend with the new season.


In this post I’m going to take three of my favourite summer items, that you will have seen more than once, either on my blog or on Instagram; and I’m going to show you how you can use colour and layering to take your own favourite items into Autumn and get a few more months of use out of them, before you pack them up for Winter.

To do this, I’m using a great British brand Kettlewell Colours who’s ethos is based on colour and simplicity. If you have had your personal colour analysis done, as in knowing if you’re an Autumn (like me), Spring, Summer or Winter, it’s highly likely your stylist will have mentioned this brand. As the whole shopping experience, even online, you’ll be guided to a range of signature basics in a rainbow of colours which will be just right for your natural colourings. 

If you’ve never heard of them, well this is going to open a door of delightful new colour options that you simply cannot get on the high street – let me show you….

1. Team your favourite floral skirt with the latest trend in knitwear – cardigans!

I’ve been banging on about cardigans for the last few weeks, and so this was a must for me this Autumn. Taking my newly created Zara skirt, this gave me three colour options to play with, pink, yellow or green. I’m personally not a fan of pink, as it doesn’t suit me, and with the eight choices I had with the Milan Knit Cardigan I opted for the Sunshine Yellow.

It’s a lightweight cotton merino blend; I’m a huge fan of merino as it keeps me warmer than standard cotton wool cardigans. One of my favourite items of jewellery to wear is pearls and I particular love pearls on garments plus I also have a thing about buttons, well this little number comes with beautiful pearl buttons – it’s a win-win for me!

I’ve styled it below over a light camisole top and I am wearing a size Medium, which is their size 12, as I wanted a relax look.

Milan Knit Cardigan
Available in 8 colours


2. Get layering with a silky roll neck – perfect for your summer dresses

One of the most easiest ways to warm up an outfit is to wear a polo underneath. I particular love the silky fabric to this garment, it simply takes this look to another level. The silky roll neck comes in 25 colours, that’s right 25!!! There is so much choice that you can have a lot of fun using this one garment to mix up a look in more than one way.

Here I am wearing True Red in size Medium, however if you look at the colours in the dress, I could have opted too for the Mandarin Orange or the new AW17 colour of Jelly Bean green, all of these would have worked.  

I’ve styled the roll neck here with my Zara floral dress and to give more definition to my waistline I have added a belt. I’ve opted for stilettos to show you an office look, but I could go full red and have worn my new boots too!!!!

Silky Roll Neck
Available in 25 colours


3. The statement jumper

No doubt you’ve got a black or another neutral colour skirt that just needs a little WOW adding to it – try a bright or contrasting colour jumper that really makes it become the statement piece.  This Cosy Merino Sweater is a new item to the Kettlewell Colour collection; a crew-neck long-sleeved 100% pure Italian merino wool and I have to say it is
 ‘F A B U L O U S’.

I make no apologies now, I am already praying for cold weather to start to kick in, as I want to wear it NOW!

Here I have opted for Indian Ochre, not only because I am naturally an Autumn and this is one of the best colour-ways for me, but it’s also a key colour this AW17. I’ve teamed this with my Hush skirt, along with thick black tights and shoe boots for that real winter look.

Why do I love merino wool so much? Well I struggle to wear chunky knitwear due to having a large bust, making the warmth I get from a slimline merino garments extremely appealing, as I am always keen to select items that work with my hourglass figure. 

This jumper is actually longer than I have made it look as I have tucked it in, it’s 64cm in length – so when I wear this with jeans I will style it full length, giving me a completely different look – versatility is always a key feature if you want to style an item numerous ways.

Cosy Merino Sweater
Available in 10 colours


So as you can see, three different garments, giving three different looks, you can have a lot of fun playing with colour and layering. My key tip is to look at your favourite item and pick out one or two colours that you think would work with it and explore the Kettlewell Colours website.

However, if you are would like some help with this, then send me a picture of your garment either by email or via social media and I will be more than happy to make some suggestions for you.

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The items in this post were gifted to me by Kettlewell Colours but I am not part of any affiliates programme with them, so any purchases you make with Kettlewell Colours using the links in this post there are no financial earnings to Lizzi of Loved by Lizzi.

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