Summer outfits I am wearing again this year!

Summer has finally arrived and I can’t wait to get wearing these summer outfits again this year!

I shall be restyling them for summer 2023

I’ve held off until this weekend to finally make the transition from winter/spring clothes to full on summer wardrobe – it also gave me that smugness rush of cleansing and decluttering items I no longer wish to keep, a task I failed to do at the start of last summer and just hid it all when Autumn kicked in!

Summer outfits can be the most easiest of styling; a simple daily uniform of a dress, a pair of sandals and a bag – but for some of us that daily repetition can be a tad tedious.

I’ve gone back through the archives of my Instagram to the last few years to see what I have worn previously and only showing you what I still own… because I’ve already made the decision it’s being worn again this year.

This, plus the fact you are actually helping me out as I do this – I shall start to think about how I can wear them differently with the new accessories and shoes I’ve bought and start to create my moodboards (so a little thank you from me! 😉 )


This dress is very much on my agenda. With my next episode of Styling Matters podcast being all about wearing summer black that I worked on yesterday – I can see this dress hanging on the rails in my office as I type this. As soon as I dug it out of the wardrobe I remembered just how much I love it.

It’s a light-weight knitted dress with statement sleeves – it’s one of those dresses that makes you look like you’ve made lots of effort and yet I haven’t, not a bit!


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SUMMER OUTFITS: The Zara Dress rewear

Last week I did an Instagram throwback to this Zara dress, knowing that it was one I want to wear again – I was slightly concerned in my wardrobe edit that it was missing, but after an initial panic, all was fine – one I will certainly be taking on holiday!

If you didn’t see my note on Instagram, then let me bring you up to speed – this dress didn’t fit me when I bought it, but I loved the print and colour. I had the straps shorted to fit my shoulders and bust and the material belt that came with it was absolutely useless, so I have to use one of my own.

Tweaking is worth it, if you love it!


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Summer Outfits:  The Co-ord

I’m sneaking this one in… as I’ve been wearing it a lot already. Purchased right at the end of the last summer (in the sales) I didn’t get much of chance to wear it.

It’s not the most interesting of summer outfits, not much colour or print, granted. As a neutral though, it has texture which naturally elevates its simplicity.

I wear this a lot at home, especially if I know people are coming over – it’s that comfy but elevated loungewear.


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If the days become truly hot, then I am going to lean into this outfit for any day trips out, especially if they are in a city. I wore this in Matera, Italy last summer when it was nearly 40°.

With the linen shorts, the chiffon blouse and a straw hat; I stayed surprisingly cool and remained ‘put-together’ although there was a head-to-toe glow on me, most of the day!


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Without a doubt, this sleeveless blazer has served me well. It’s linen but luckily doesn’t crease too much. If you don’t own a sleeveless blazer, add it to your ‘must have’ list – it’s a game changer for those days you need to have a smarter look in the summer.

This outfit you can wear to the office and head straight out to dinner, just swap your shoes and bag.


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