Petite Stylist Patricia Jones on Wide leg trousers

I am so pleased Patricia agreed to write another blogpost for petite styling on a topic she’s asked frequently – how to wear wide leg trousers for petites!

We hope you enjoy the blogpost.

If like me you’re petite (I stand in at a whooping 5ft 3ins), the world of fashion can sometimes feel like it’s designed for those with supermodel endless legs. I have in the past steered away from wide leg trousers, as I thought they would swamp me.

However, as a stylist I always like to experiment & actually the wide leg trousers could be your secret weapon for looking taller & flattering your petite frame.

The key to pulling off wide leg trousers or jeans, when you’re petite, is getting the fit right; here are some pointers that will guide you to finding the perfect pair for you.

Look for styles that are tailored across the hips and thighs, then flare out below the knee. This will create the illusion of longer legs without overwhelming your frame.

High waisted trousers elongate the lower body & make your legs appear longer. I would tuck in the top as it will show off your waistline & create a more balanced look.

Hem length is important especially if you don’t want to wear high heels, make sure that the length is skimming the top of your shoes. Avoid excessive long hems brunching around your feet as this can make you look shorter.

I’m a big fan of monochromatic style, dressing in one colour or very similar shades from head to toe creates a seamless line making you instantly appearing taller.

Adding a heel will always be your best friend; not only will it elevate your look it will also add inches to your height and help balance the volume of the wide leg trousers.

If you like a bit of print, why not opt for a vertical stripe or pinstripe as they draw the eye upwards creating the illusion of height.

I recently wore a cropped wide leg trousers, the reason they worked was because they came just above my ankle. This drew attention to the slimmest part of my leg & adds a chic finish.

Finish off the look with different style tops whether that be shirts, blouses, or tees. I would always be mindful of proportions so don’t forget to tuck in.

Lastly the most important advice I can give you is ‘Wear everything with Confidence’. When you feel good with what you’re wearing, it shows & that’s the most stylish thing!


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