Style rules for effortless chic is what we are all striving to achieve. The sandwich trick is a great one to add to your own style rules.

I am often asked for simple style rules that can be used daily with minimal thinking; one style rule that’s becoming popular again is what’s known as ‘the sandwich trick’ – it’s completely effortless and great if your really into ‘separates’; by this I mean skirts, trousers or jeans.

I trawled through my endless amounts of outfit posts on Instagram and I’ve come to the conclusion I am not a ‘separates’ kind of woman; but that said without knowing, I’ve been doing a lot of this lately using my dresses, creating the illusion of sandwich dressing.

What is sandwich dressing?

The formula is your top half needs to colour match what you are wearing on your feet. The bottom half of you is a contrasting colour or a different pattern / print.

I personally tend to do head-to-toe tonal a lot of the time, but if you want to get more wear out of your floral or pattern dresses, I find a plain polo neck and some knee high boots is a really simple trick to create this look.

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Matchy-matchy – Is that really chic?

I hear you! Fashion bloggers often dislike anything that is matchy-matchy but this I feel is more when you match your bag… to your shoes… to your hair accessory… to your scarf.

The ‘sandwich’ dressing is a style rule that offers a simple colour uniform –  you can then easily add a colourful or textured handbag to really vamp up the look.

Here are four of my outfits, showcasing this ‘sandwich’ style rule.

Outfit One

I’m wearing a summer dress here that has a very low front, I’ve team it with my favourite cashmere black polo neck that offers simplicity to this busy & colourful pattern – I’ve then colour matched with my black knee-high boots.

Outfit One

Outfit Two

This is a typical work-from-home style at the moment for my corporate marketing job – I need the jumper for warmth as I am sitting most of the day and I do not like to wear slippers whilst I am working, it just doesn’t feel professional.

I’ve added my snakeskin boots – can you see how the base colour of the boots match with my jumper. This outfit featured in my recent blogpost: HOW TO ELEVATE YOUR OFF-DUTY LOOK

How to elevate your off duty style
Outfit Two


‘Effortless chic’ is what we are all aiming for daily – Most women are time-poor in the mornings; the ‘sandwich’ trick allows you to throw on a simple but chic look in less than a few minutes – Perfect!


Outfit Three

You can do sandwich dressing using a jumpsuit if you plan to wear your jacket throughout the day; this is a look from the summer where I matched my shoes, both in colour and texture to my jacket. I felt so stylish in this outfit, and yet it was very minimal effort. Love outfits like this.

Outfit Three (Photo by Sarah Rider)

Outfit Four

And finally, this is another dress, but you can easily copy this with a skirt. Full on plain in colour with contrasting colours to make it chic. The burgundy jumper colour matches with my burgundy knee-high boots – the pink skirt of the summer dress is the sandwich filling! 😉

Outfit Four





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