This week STYLE MATTERS is from Emma who is 48 and lives in Gerrads Cross, Buckinghamshire – she describes herself as an Instagram style lover that hopes to one day open a Preloved Clothing Store

I have briefly met Emma in real life when we bumped into each other at Wild Tweed festival earlier this year; she has a fantastic Instagram page, her gorgeous squares always offer stylish chic for daily inspiration. We both hope you enjoy the interview.


Emma Keen

How do you describe your personal style? 

I’d say my style is a mixture of chic & cheap – mixing quality high street with vintage or designer pieces with a slight Tom boyish edge!

Why does style matter to you? 

My style is a way to show my personality, to be individual and show how I am feeling on a day to day basis. Feeling stylish and comfortable in what you’re wearing gives you confidence and when you feel good it always shows. It’s so important to feel good in what you wear, to not be uncomfortable and wishing all day you’d chosen something else!

Have you always been interested in style? 

I have always liked clothes and fashion, going through many different looks through the years!! I was married and had our children very young and probably didn’t really find my style till my 30’s. It changed again when I hit my 40’s and is still evolving I hope.

Emma Keen

What would be your signature style look? 

A pair of combats, t-shirt, a jacket and trainers.

What’s your view on fashion vs. style? 

Style is your own way of wearing clothes, a way of expressing yourself, your personality and feeling comfortable whilst doing it. Fashion, I think, is following what’s popular and can sometimes end up looking like you’re trying, rather than being yourself. I’m still working this out!

What is your body shape? 

I’d say I have a straight/rectangle body shape. I’m a size 10, bust and hips similar size (although my bust seems to be getting bigger as I’ve got older! (What’s that about??) 5 foot 7 ½ “ with square shoulders!

Emma Keen

Have you worked this out for yourself or did you get professional advice/training? 

No advice, just been working with this body for quite a while now and worked it out as I’ve gone along.

What is the best thing about being straight/rectangle? 

I guess clothes hang well and being the same size top and bottom makes dress buying fairly easy!

Emma Keen

What’s not so easy about being straight/rectangle? 

Making sure I look like I have shape, belted things should give me a waist but quite often seem to make me look square!

What three styling tips do you have for straight/rectangle? 

  1. V necks or off the shoulder tops make the shoulders wider which in turn make the waist look smaller.
  2. Empire line or shift dresses, can hide the lack of definition at the waist.
  3. Jackets & coats that have a nipped in shape at the waist are great to add shape.
Emma Keen

What must you avoid (regardless of if it’s in fashion) for your straight/ rectangle?

Anything bulky that’s belted do nothing for me, the belt is never in the right place!

What are your three favourite stores to shop (bricks or clicks!)? 

J Crew, Zara and of course any preloved stores.

Emma Keen

What do you own that you will never ever give away? 

My Bella Freud cashmere jumpers collected over time, my handbags and my Jimmy Choos that I had for my 40th Birthday party!

Emma Keen

To see more of Emma’s style and for daily inspiration, you can follow her on Instagram at @emma_j_keen 

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