Spring clean – Sort it, Bag it, Drop it off!

Twice yearly I move my clothes around between various wardrobes to make sure that I have my daily clothes in my main wardrobe.

I think most of us make that change from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter.  But like me, do you just keep moving them all around even though deep down you know you are not going to wear them – EVER!?

I’ve just spent the last few days going through all my clothes and being ruthless about clearing out those items I know I’m not loving anymore.  There’s a lot to be said about having a spring clean, i feel so much better knowing that a) I don’t have all this stuff anymore and b) that someone else is going to benefit.

I know I could have probably sold some of this on e-Bay – but this time round I just wanted to help other people.  I’ve had a few chuckles on some items because I seriously cannot believe that I bought it, let alone worn it! (although I’m sure it will suit its next owner 😉 ).

So go on and have a go!  Make three piles, the really good stuff for friends and family to have, the ok stuff for the charity bins at supermarkets and then the bad stuff that simply needs to be binned.

You’ll feel fabulous afterwards….I promise!

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