Spring 2018 – Easy trends you can adopt!

Spring 2018
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I’m so excited that I am starting to write about Spring 2018, I love this season so much! Once we get to the other side of New Year I just can’t wait for the shops to clear of sale items so that we can start to shop for this new season.

Now some stores have had their new collection in for a while, whilst others still need to get a move on shifting old stock. My advice to you is STOP buying for AW17, it’s over! You have around 6-8 weeks to get as much wear out of your existing wardrobe before really adopting Spring items. I think this recent snap of cold weather is helping too, as we all want to wrap up warm at the moment.

One of the best things about a new season, it gives you a chance to re-evaluate the items you already own. But before we go into that in any great detail (I’ll blog about this more over the coming weeks) – you need to start to think about what trends you may like to adopt; you can’t wear everything, well you can try but I hope you have a very big bank balance to accommodate this! 

Here’s a starting point of Spring trends for 2018, that I think will be fairly easy to introduce into your life, without necessary breaking the bank!


The new kind of bag for this season is the belt bag or for those of you who are as old as me, this is a revamp of the bum bag! I know, I know it’s had a lot of bad press in the past – but it’s a trend that could be really big this season and the high street are already selling them; and I have to confess this new bag is quite high on my shopping list. I think the easy discreet option is to go black, but I am personally thinking of colour – you don’t necessary have to belt it around your waist you can also have it across the shoulder.

Panther Belt Bag
Available in black, red or pale blue


This trend has been around for a few months – shops like New Look, H&M, Zara, Primark, Topshop have lots of designs, colours and styles to choose from. Don’t spend a lot and get a few to have a broad selection, the key point to this trend is that you can have a lot of fun and they can easily perk up a fairly dull outfit. Or if you are known for wearing an eclectic mix of colours and styles, this may just simply blend in! 

Fringe disc elaborate earrings


Pink is everywhere at the moment, it’s certainly a colour to consider for this new season. If you have a warm skin tone (like me) this is fairly challenging as our pink is actually orange – but sometimes you have to learn to mix it up, and we can opt to continue the AW17 trend of mixing pillar-box red with pink for that non-typical colour combo! 

For those of you who have cool skin tone, simply go head to toe! Here’s Oxana Lozovskaya, a fellow Instagram girlfriend, showing off this trend – you can follow her here at oxanalozovskaya1101

Oxana Lozovskaya
Image: oxanalozovskaya1101

If you are Autumn or Spring with your natural colourings, i.e. warm skintone, I recommend this as an option.



After Think Pink, this leads me nicely into the next trend – All One Colour! – it’s as simple as that. Pick a colour and its various tones, and simply wear it throughout your entire outfit and make sure your accessories, shoes and bags all tone in too. No complimenting colours, just the one hue please.



You should know this one already, as it was one of my very first posts of 2018. This is going to be big this Spring, you only have to go onto the Zara website or Topshop and it’s all over their site. You have options of wide-leg, tapered or jogger-style – a lot of choice and so it should be fairly easy for you to adopt.

Pyjama-Style trousers with side stripes

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