Spring ’17 Trend: The Trench Coat

They say that fashion goes round and round and it’s the slight twists that make the difference from one season to another.  After blogging for many years I do find that I write about the same garments, but highlighting this year’s take on them.

I wonder how much of this, is a continuation for the need of the wearer not wanting to give up their favourites rather than the designer wishing to come up with something completely new; I know from my own experience of product developing there’s absolutely no point to something unless someone is going to buy it – it’s as simple as that.

And so the trench coat very much remains to be a staple for our wardrobe, but this year it’s bigger; or should I say longer!  That’s right.  Over the last 12 months the long duster coat has been popular in light materials as an alternative to the cardigan (a big hit with the Kardashian sisters) in Spring/Summer’16. From that, extra long cardigans featured throughout Autumn/Winter’16.  And now we are seeing this trend continue into this year’s Spring trench coat.  

The right length sits around 2-3 inches below your knee (make sure it sits just above the widest part of your calf!).  A tough trend for petites and the extra tall to adopt – but there is a vast selection in store and online from ASOS, River Island, H&M and so on.

For me now my classic tench needs to be shower-proof – I’ve invested in quite a few different styles over the years and there is nothing more annoying than a cost that’s suppose to protect you from the rain but all that is happening is that you are getting wet!

This year I’ve invested in this gorgeous Autograph khaki green by M&S that is made with Stormwear™ which should keep me dry with their clever water repellent technology. It’s also made from extra luxurious Supima® cotton which gives it this lovely soft and light feel to it.  I love it and whilst it does cost more than others on the high street, I’m investing in both the quality and the practicality of this very classic staple – so for me it’s bang on value for money.

M&S Autograph 
Belted Trench Coat with Stormwear™


So what are the do’s and don’t for this season:

  • Avoid doing it up! This Spring it’s all about layers; and layers that you can see, so no need to belt it!
  • If you do want to belt it, you don’t have to use the one that comes with it – you can opt for contrasting slim belts to add some extra colour
  • This season go neutral – previously we have seen lots of red and purple in trench coats; but the classic stone, beige or khaki is the way to go
  • Don’t just use it for work – this is a great weekender – team it up with double denim and for busy Saturdays don’t forget your trainers!
  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise – with a classic neutral this gives you the freedom to style it up with belts, hats, large cuffs (very big trend on shirts at the mo) or a colourful cross-body mini bag.  There’s lots you can do and every day you can make it look very different.
  • And for the that really important business meeting; button it, belt it and wear the highest stilettos you can!
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