Spreading the happiness!

I don’t normally like magazine articles that have the “50 things to do before your 30” or “100 things everyone should know” – I find them a little tiresome.

However, January’s edition of Glamour has an article called “100 things to make you happy” and at the end of it – I felt good!

Glamour Magazine

So I thought I would pick some of my favourites and share them with you – spreading the happiness over this festive period!

At No.9 – Get a cute fix
“A Japanese study showed that seeing photos of baby animals made us happier and perform better at work” (the performing better at work bit – made me giggle, I don’t get it?!)

Under the section “Things that make you smile” I love:
No.12 “An old couple holding hands”
No.13 “The window of a patisserie”  (Not all do this for me it needs to be in Belgium or France)

Sad but true:
At no. 16 – Clean bed sheets (I don’t need to explain this one…well maybe to the boys!)

Things to buy that will make you happy:
At No. 35 – Buy a 90’s box set collection – “We’re talking: Friends, Sex and the City, Dawson’s Creek, Seinfeld, My So-Called Life, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal. ’90s US sitcoms rock”

If you want a happier body try:
No. 60 – Stretch before bed
No. 61 – Sit up straight (this one I say to myself everyday after my back starts aching!!)

Apparently if you breathe this is one of the simplest ways to lift your mood (No.64) and laughing will melt away any anxiety (No. 65).

And finally “18 happy moments we heart” – these do it for me:
No.83 – The moment you put your “out of office”on
No.86 – When every piece of technology you own is 100% charged
No.100 – A day with no plans

If one of these has made you happy, then my work here is done.  If you have a “happy fix” that you would like to share, then please leave a comment for us all to read.

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  1. J.
    December 21, 2012 / 10:15 pm

    That sounds like a great list indeed, love that idea!

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