Sometimes it’s worth travelling the extra mile

Are you bored with always shopping at the same place?

Between now and the new year it’s likely you will be hitting the shops – be it to finish off Christmas shopping or for the sales in-between the holidays.  Why not try somewhere new?

I know there has been a lot of hype in the news that the high streets are dying, but there are some high streets that quite frankly are little gems – if you are prepared to travel!

I believe a good high street should offer a good choice of typical branded shops with smaller independents mixed in and to top it off – a nice selection of cafes that you can spend some time watching the world go by!

Some of my favourite places are; Brighton, Cheltenham, Marlborough & Cambridge.  Each of these places offer all the above – a throughly enjoyable day out, shopping in a great environment which makes a change to the typical “shopping centre” where everything all starts to look the same within a couple of hours!

You might have to pay a little more for parking & for those that only shop in centres,,,,you might have to wear a coat!

But they say change is as good as a rest!

This week Mary Portas has published her independent review commissioned by the Government.  The report looks at what’s needed to put some life back into our high streets.  If you are interested to read the full review or her 28 summary recommendations then click through to The Portas Review

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