Six of the best: Winter Hats

First published October 2015 – Updated April 2017

I love wearing hats – I personally find them easy to wear and they can really add to an outfit.  Now the only time I would consider wearing one, is when I know I can wear it all day, say for example you are going to a County show or perhaps a day out in London in the parks were the weather is warm enough to still lunch outside, why?  There is nothing worse than hat hair on a woman!

If your lucky that you don’t get that problem, then feel free to wear it when you want, but if your like me where a hat can easily mess up your do, then think about your days events before embarking on wearing one.

Here are few of my top tips when buying a hat:

  • Try loads of different styles on, just because your favourite celebrity looks great in one style, if you don’t have the same hairstyle or face shape it may simply not suit you
  • Make sure you look in the mirror and look at yourself from several angles – sometimes it’s easier to get your partner or friend to take photos so that you can see what it looks like on
  • If your self-conscious about trying on in-store, head to the changing rooms, they have better mirrors anyway
  • Think about what you are going to wear with it; for example if you go for a big floppy hat this sometimes doesn’t sit well if you then want to wear a chunky scarf
  • Black hats are not necessary the best to wear; try other neutrals like camel, navy, grey or burgundy to add some contrast to your look
  • If you love the hat but think it’s too plain, you can easily spruce it up with a brooch or ribbon
  • And think of it as any other investment to your wardrobe, cheap hats can look cheap!

Here are six I found that you might like to check out:

River Island

Zara – Special Edition Black Hat




And if you’ve got some cash to splash!!


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