Shopping Destination: Newbury’s back in fashion!

If you wouldn’t eat in the same restaurant every week and pick the exact same food off the menu…then why are you shopping at the same location, in the same shops? Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

There is a perception that it doesn’t matter where you shop, you get the same shops – NOT TRUE!  Yes you get highstreet chains, but they vary considerably, including what they merchandise.  My favourites have to be the indy boutiques and the regional department stores that have grown over the years from small local family businesses. 

In a recent post, Sometimes it’s worth travelling the extra mile I mention four of my favourite places to shop, well I just added another one – Newbury!

Loving their marketing slogan too..

So last Sunday, Hubby & I headed down the A34 to Newbury, West Berkshire, for us it’s about an hour away.  I always get excited about a new location, their new Parkway Shopping area has just recently opened last October and it’s right in the heart of Newbury town centre. We parked up in the Parkway car park, which by the way is only £2 all day on Sundays – so no need to be rushing!

Familiar shops like H&M and New Look along with Debenhams were all there – but as I say, a slightly different version to the one you’ll know.  All the stores are merchandise so well and with modern changing rooms, it’s sure to make your shopping experience a good one.

After mooching around the new Parkway shopping area, we headed towards the highstreet where smaller independents are, and just before heading off for some lunch we had a look around their local department store, Camp Hopson, a lovely traditional english store.

So, why not try a new location?  If you do, why not leave a comment & share you experience with us.

p.s.  My friend Sandra recommends the Indy boutique, Tiger Tiger, a lovely little shop for gifts and bespoke accessories.

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